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A friend posted a link and I recognized the name so had to read.  My condolences.  As my mother works for social security: disability determination services,  I can tell you a couple of things to keep in mind that I hope might help.  

1st- keep copies of anything you fill out.  Stuff gets lost, but more importantly a lot of forms will ask for the same info and it is easier to refer to a form with all of it rather than check all of the independent records again.

2nd- I don't know what form of social security you applied for, but if it was disability it might just be too early for an approval.  It isn't just one monolithic thing, however, so you may have been denied for one part and need more info for other parts/programs.  Even if this is so, my understanding is that it started a clock that will help you out if you re-apply later.

3rd- Do the followups that want more information.  Most of the people who are denied who later are approved are denied because they didn't finish the paperwork or did not go to a visit.  If they are asking for more information or to have you visit one of their doctors, it means they see something but can't quite justify it with what you've provided so for.  All of the people I have met who work for social security are nice people who usually have experienced things like this.  They are not out to get you.  But they do have to be able to justify every approval against the legal requirements.  Try to give them everything to work with- even things you might not think are a big deal.  It might be a detail that pushes you over the top.

4th- Do talk to the social workers, be wary of the lawyers (many are basically glorified baby sitters making sure you return your papers- they are often not doing things you could not do yourself if you are reasonably organized.)  Be sure you need them before signing over large chunks of money.

My mother was in a major car accident just over a decade ago,and suffered a degloving injury.  Be patient.  It likely will not be a short recovery, even when he is "better."  Mom was able to return to work and function long before she was healed- and in some ways never went back to who she was before.  

Best wishes for you.
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