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Resources for learners of the Spanish language.
Resources for learners of the Spanish language.

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Lots of people will tell you that if you really want to speak Spanish well and fluently, the only way is to go and live for a time in a Spanish-speaking country. In fact, this opinion has become so common that it's almost heresy to believe that you're going to be able to speak Spanish if you never leave your own country.

But for some people, if not the majority, simply going off to a Spanish-speaking country to study there, will not automatically result in faster or deeper progress.

Anyone just starting out on their Spanish studies definitely falls into this category. If someone has just begun to study the Spanish language, or if they're still thinking of beginning, they will not necessarily find that they progress faster by going to study abroad in a Spanish-speaking country. And for similar results, it costs a whole lot more than if you stay in your own town and study there!

Why do we think this? Above all, because if you go to a Spanish-speaking country, the greatest advantage for a language learner is to be able to soak up the spoken Spanish they hear out on the street, on TV, etc. But if you can understand very little of that type of "everyday" Spanish, as is the case with beginners or elementary students, then unfortunately it's going to benefit you very little, if at all.

In fact, the consequences may be even worse - beginner students may feel that they are just not "natural" language learners and may decide that they might as well just give up.

If you're thinking that we don't recommend going abroad to Spanish-speaking countries to learn Spanish, think again - we definitely do! It can do wonders for most students at an intermediate level or above. What we are saying is, if your level is not good enough for you to understand the gist (not the whole) of a general conversation in Spanish, your progress may be more disappointing than you hoped for.

In short, you should definitely think of improving your Spanish language skills in a Spanish-speaking country if you have an intermediate level or higher. Just go to our website, Learn Spanish Abroad, to find the most suitable courses for your specific needs. However, if your level is lower, maybe you'd be better off waiting a while...
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