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Christian ministry to inspire, encourage, and uplift.
Christian ministry to inspire, encourage, and uplift.

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Do you wait to give to God until you have something substantial to give? Maybe you’re missing the miraculous living. Maybe you’re missing the blessings. What do I mean, you ask. Let me explain.

The temptation to disconnect from that deep place in you where God dwells and to let yourself be drowned in the praise or the blame of the world always remains.~ Henri JM Nouwen

Most of us are more comfortable celebrating what Jesus has done than accepting who He desires to be to us. We sing of His victories and teach of His mercies, yet rarely do we quiet our hearts and surrender to His Presence. We want Him near enough to protect us, but not so close that we are conscious of His Presence.~ Francis Frangipane

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Are you stressed out, overwhelmed or burdened? I have good news for you. Jesus’ promise to give you rest is as valid today as it was 2000 years ago. No hooplas required. Just come to Jesus. He is already waiting for you.

There was once a fiddler who played so beautifully that everybody danced. A deaf man who could not hear the music considered them all insane. Those who are with Jesus in suffering hear this music to which other men are deaf. They dance and do not care if they are considered insane.~ Richard Wurmbrand

If faith is the gaze of the heart at God, and if this gaze is but the raising of the inward eyes to meet the all-seeing eyes of God, then it follows that it is one of the easiest things possible to do.~ A.W. Tozer

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Do you know how to get through the impossible? It’s not a question about planning or working hard. It’s a question of knowing Who does the work through you. It’s God’s work to get through the impossible, not yours. Your part is still important though. Here are three steps to show you how to get through the impossible. They go nicely with the words of James Hudson Taylor “There are three stages to every great work of God; first it is impossible, then it is difficult, then it is done.”

If you have the courage to let Christ into every room of your life, He will come in and redecorate your life so it is more beautiful that you ever imagined possible. But you’ll never know until you start opening those doors.~ Ray Pritchard

We all profess that we are bound for heaven, immortality, and glory: but is it any evidence that we really design it if all our thoughts are consumed about the trifles of this world, which we must leave behind us, and have only occasional thoughts of things above? ~ John Owen

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Currently, I am reading through the book of Isaiah. I’m in awe of all the prophecies of the Messiah and how perfectly they came to be in Jesus. Today, I was reading about how a shoot will grow up from Jesse’s stump. Especially, the second verse describing the Spirit of the Lord resting on Jesus, took my breath away. I want that too. Give me the Spirit of the Lord – all of it!
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