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Work like a captain, party like a pirate.
Work like a captain, party like a pirate.

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This is really starting to come together. I've got carpet in, tile in, tomorrow the granite gets put in... The only thing we have left is the steel vents for the floor, painting some trim, and tiling the kitchen backsplash. Small things here and there still to do... but it's about ready.
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So the Miata went really fast. But I didn't want to get out of the black convertible game. So, the new ride is this single owner CLK350.

So doing things around the house. Fixing squeeky hinges, loose doors, things on the bike... And I go looking in my screwdriver drawer for a philips head. Not a single one. I've got like 40 different drivers (square, flat, precision, etc) yet not a single philips. I guess it's time to go buy a new set. Because you know, it's cheaper to buy a whole bunch than to buy a single. They must all be over at the other house I'm remodelling or something.

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So I've got a before and after shot of the outside finally. New roof, new siding, new windows... lots of changes. Got some of the flooring going in finally as well as a little overkill on the home network setup. Pulled all the old and brittle 75ohm out of the house. The house should be almost complete this time next week... minus a few small elements.
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So Steve Fitzgerald is wanting more people to donate to Planned Parenthood in his name. I would suggest doing a low dollar monthly donation as they send out thank you cards for each donation made. A single donation for the year only gets a single thank you note instead of 12. So if you donate, make sure to use all the information:

Office of Senator Steve Fitzgerald
300 Southwest 10th Street, Avenue
Topeka, KS 66612

Now then, once you've completed this task, be sure to vote them out at the next election cycle.

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I am so sorry Italy. No give backs.

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It's time to start a new chapter in cars. I'm selling my Grand Touring Special Edition for cheaper than bluebook value. If you know someone interested, have them check out the post. Share if you like, just no dealer inquiries please.

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Most disgusting pickles I've ever had. They had to be put where they belong. Imagine if you will, a sweeter flavored gherkin type pickle... but mash it together with some formaldehyde, comet cleaner, a little bleach, red pepper flakes, and garlic. These are quite literally the most chemical tasting pickles I've ever tried. If you see an un-opened jar on the shelf, it's probably because someone brought back the unopened jar.

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Getting ready to cut your cable cord, or have already done just that and looking to add functionality. Check out this line-up from YouTube-TV and compare. I think the best part about this option is the direct to Google Cast from your phone/tablet/computer. Pair this with Netflix and possibly Amazon Prime for a good collection still cheaper than most dribble from Cable companies.

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This is very unwise Betsy, allow one religion into public schools and you have to allow them all. I will enjoy watching this failure of a plan unfold.
And so it begins. The only Genesis taught in schools should be in music class
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