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Real life training, health, food and nutrition. No sugar coating except the real life thrills of training and living a healthy life.
Real life training, health, food and nutrition. No sugar coating except the real life thrills of training and living a healthy life.

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The Science of shaping your Gluteus for better health and fitness: Hip Thrust
A fit ass will benefit your entire body, and hip thrust scientifically speaking leads the pack

article by +Michael A Koontz
The Science of shaping your Gluteus for better health and fitness: Hip Thrust
A fit ass will benefit your entire body, and hip thrust scientifically speaking leads the pack

Squat, Deadlifts, Lunges. The holy trinity of leg and ass workouts. And for good reason. They shape you, push you, and evolve your entire body and health better than anything else out there.

But, there are of course a lot of other exercises out there that also work. One of those is the odd bird called 'Hip thrust'. And while I usually prefer compound exercises over smaller and more focused exercises, this is actually a wonderful exercise for keeping your ass not just fit and toned, but as a side effect your entire body healthy and strong as well.

hip thrust is the nr.1 exercise when it comes down to isolating and activating your gluteus

In fact, as far as your gluteus go, Hip thrust is scientifically speaking the number one exercise when it comes down to isolating & activating that delicious looking thing that is your ass.

music of the day
Erodent by Borknagar

Model and photography: 'Nude Yoga Girl'

Challenge your gluteus weekly with weights - But do not forget to stretch your ass, legs, and hips

The importance of mobility and an agile body. Weights is the challenge that will keep your body and mind young and healthy no matter your chronological age. So do weighted exercises to keep your muscles, heart, and mind healthy and fit. But, do not forget the importance of maintaining your mobility. This is especially important when it comes to your lower body. Ass ( Gluteus ), legs, hips, knees and lower back, these are the main areas that will determine not only if you can maintain a healthy and fit body, but also a well functioning and mobile life all throughout your lifespan.

In order to achieve that you do need the weekly challenge of weights to hold off both aging and the negative effects of our contemporary sedentary life. But you also need to stretch on a daily and weekly basis to maintain the health benefits your active life is giving you.

Failure to stretch will over time cause you not only to feel a lot more stiff, but in due time cause you direct pain and cripple your daily movement. Which is in no way fun at all. And for elderly people, it will eventually be directly life crippling not being able to move and function properly.

Not being mobile and agile enough in hips, ass, legs, and upper body will also have a direct, negative impact on your ability to use the actual strength of your muscles, so even if you are in your prime, do not underestimate how important it is to properly stretch your body.

One combined day per week for leg and ass, or two days?

You can train your gluteus together with the rest of your leg workout. That is how I do it.

So having one day per week for leg & ass is perfectly fine, they are after all very much equal parts of your lower body, and they stick together in form and function so much that doing squat and deadlift is a wonderful challenge for both legs and ass. As is lunges.

In other words, one day per week is a pretty natural thing for your body. In reality, you do not even need anything beyond those three exercises. However, Hip Thrust happens to be the number one exercise for both isolating and activating your ass. And as such, it certainly deserves consideration. You might not have to do this puppy on a weekly basis, but on the other hand, why not? If you have the energy and the interest, just do it as Nike would say.

You can also add a second day of the week just for your ass. Hip thrusts all alone, or together with lunges and or stiff leg deadlifts will provide an amazing and healthy challenge for your gluteus.

Closing Words
[ The winding down ]

No matter if you do hip thrusts together with your normal leg & ass workout, or on a second day of the week. It is no different than any other muscle. So stick to a 3 set workout with 8 to 14 reps per set. And as in the video above, once you got the hang of the exercise and body weight alone is not providing you with a big enough challenge, add a barbell lying over your tummy and progressively add weights to it.

It is perfectly safe to use weights and not only will this exercise help you keep thighs and ass healthy and strong, but it is a great exercise for your lower back and spine and abs as well. Top notch stuff. Just remember that this is not a compound exercise, keeping a good and solid contact and feel for your muscle is key. So squeeze your muscle, work your ass and feel every single set. This is not the exercise to go all thor & hulk, instead do it with skill and finesse like the black widow.

As for the body position itself. I do this exercise daily by putting my feet and entire body up on a bench so I can arch my back and hips high up as I do each body weight rep, and once a week I do it with a weighted barbell by emulating the girl in either of the two videos in this article, positioning your upper body on a bench while keeping your feet firmly planted on the floor, both ways of doing this exercise are perfectly fine. ( And yes, this exercise is very yoga like, with the same benefits for thighs, ass, and spine ).

Click through to the website article to see a couple of videos showing you exactly how to do this wonderful and health-improving exercise.

website article

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Fresh Scandinavian cloudberry smoothie
Healthy living & Tasty Food, a fresh taste from the Scandinavian wilderness

Recipe and photography by +Michael A Koontz
Fresh Scandinavian cloudberry smoothie
Healthy living & Tasty Food, a fresh taste from the Scandinavian wilderness

Keeping fit and healthy requires not just daily physical activity and proper recovery, those activities and your ongoing health demands tasty and healthy food to fuel your body and mind with the needed energy to maintain your own health and fitness level.

And our Scandinavian cloudberry smoothie ( as can be seen in my photo ) is just that. Tasty, quick to do, and stuffed with delicious health.

Fresh cloudberries or blueberries. Sugar-free and ecological yogurt and kvarg ( think really creamy greek yogurt, smooth like the sweetest vanilla ice cream ever tasted, and choke full of proteins ).

And if needed, you can spice it up by adding a tiny little bit of luxurious real whipped cream and cacao on top.

Cloudberry smoothie, the nutrition. and ingredients in our Scandinavian dream

100g fresh cloudberries or blueberries
200 - 250g ecological and sugar-free kvarg
1- 2 dl eco-friendly and sugar-free yogurt

Optional, small Amount of whipped cream and cacao on top.
A splash of casein protein powder is allowed as well ( take away 5 - 8g of protein from the nutritional estimate down below if you do not add protein to the smoothie ) but the biggest source of protein in this recipe is the delicious kvarg.

Mix until smooth if you add the extra protein, add berries on top, and enjoy after a few minutes in the freezer to give you that additional thickness and flare.

Nutrition per smoothie

280 - 300 kcal
38 - 43 g protein
23 - 26g carbs
5g fat

Whats up with the eco friendly stuff?

Add to the nutrients above all the vitamins and antioxidants, calcium, fibers and yum that comes with both the berries and the two dairy products and what you have here is a smoothie that is ready to deliver a taste of sunrise come rain and sunshine :).

Slow quality carbs, superb protein quality. Fibers and vitamins to die for. There is not a single calorie in this smoothie that is not essential and as such it works before and after your workout. Lifting weights, doing cardio, yoga. A hike or a day at the office. This smoothie will always be right for anyone looking to live a fit and active, and most importantly, a healthier life.

Why the eco-friendly dairy products?

Because like meat, dairy can take a pretty substantial stab at our planet. Unlike meat. however, dairy also provides plenty of health benefits and superb nutrition for a very low cost. So by including dairy you gain a ton of wonderful nutrition for a low cost, and by choosing eco-friendly products, you make sure the planet and future generations will not be paying the bill.

Not to mention the cows. Free walking cows are way happier and healthier, and they certainly deserve a happy and healthy life.
And you of course deserve healthy products, so always make sure to pick eco-friendly products

( and sugar free ffs ).

music of the day
A.D by Hatebreed

website article


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7 Day workout plan
V03 - 'Like a Viking'. The Science of a healthy life

Welcome to the third version of our 7 days long, one-week workout plan for increased health, strength, lean muscle mass, and cardiovascular performance. This round is paying tribute to all those fit and brave old Norse men and women that traversed beyond the boundaries of our known world.

So do it like a Viking and kill it in the gym with an unyielding will.

4 days of lifting intense, challenging weights pushing beyond your own limitations each set. Every set will have you using drop sets, and once you are done lifting weights, every workout is followed by 100% 5-minute long sprint interval rushes.

In addition, you can look forward to 2 days of cardio/MMA classes, and 7 days of lower every day paced cardio.

workout plan and writing by +Michael A Koontz

Website version for the full workout plan

music of the day
tattered banners and bloody flags by Amon Amarth

#fitness #workoutplans

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Health: Daily orgasms lowers prostate cancer risk
Fulfilling Sex and our Daily Health -The Science of a healthy life

Health article by +Michael A Koontz
Health: Daily orgasms lowers prostate cancer risk
Fulfilling Sex and our Daily Health -The Science of a healthy life

When it comes to sex you already know that I am always talking about the fulfilling kind of sex, for all involved. Naughty or sweet, outlandish or innocent does not matter. That´s up to all involved, how they all enjoy doing it.

So, if we assume that you and your partner(s) already have a wonderful and fulfilling sex life. well in that case it will probably make you smile from ear to ear hearing that not only is sex generally speaking an incredibly fun way to improve ones general health, but it even protects against prostate cancer - and the more you do it, the better the protection.

Talk about a wonderful incentive for more sex :).

Men above 40 that enjoy 21 orgasms or more per month recieves up to 22% less chance of developing prostate cancer.

Long version:

Model: Shannah Baker (I am not the photographer).

music of the day
And the vulture beholds, by Fleshgod Apocalypse

Eat Healthy, Hit the gym, drink Coffee, Love Sex,
and do it daily

You could actually make an excellent, albeit generic, global health recommendation from that short headline. And if every person alive followed through with that on a daily basis, we would have nothing but a global health and body revolution on our hands. That is, generally speaking, how easy it actually is to vastly improve ones own long term health and body composition :).

But this little article is not about health in general but about sex and how one of the many healthy aspects of enjoying a fulfilling sex life even protects you (this article and study is about men this time around, even tho fulfilling sex is as beneficial and essential for womens health and fulfillment, females of course do not suffer from prostate cancer) against prostate cancer.

In a recently published study, 32 000 men participated through the years 1992 through 2010.
And the take away is that men above the age of 40 that orgasmed 21 or more times per month, had a 22% lowered risk of developing prostate cancer. Of course, one study hardly makes something written in stone. But, considering that we already know how beneficial, and essential, a frequent and fulfilling sex life is for both men and womens mental and physical health, it should not come at all as a surprise that frequent sex would have a significant impact on prostate cancer.

And of course, if your partner(s) isnt up to 21 or more sexual encounters per month, take the matter in your own hands :).

Happy hearts, your body loves fulfilling sex

¨Increased energy and creativity. Increased fat loss and strength. Increased cardiovascular performance, happier minds and hearts¨

Sex have numerous emotional and biological reasons to be enjoyed. None the less, the act of reproduction. But it also provides the world and it´s people with a long range of essential life improving reasons as to why it should be enjoyed equally much by both men and women for no more reason then fun and love, passion, desire and naughty, sweet pleasure.

Keep in mind however.

I am right now talking about fulfilling shame free and abuse free sex. Sex can be as naughty as all involved enjoy it, but naughty and rough is never, ever abusive. When one person do not enjoy what is happening, that turns gorgeous, fulfilling sex to something ugly and harmful.

Out of the many things this worlds various religions do get right, sex has sadly, extremely rarely been one of them. Neither from a scientific point of view, nor from a moral or emotional, or a public health viewpoint. Fulfilling sex is not only fun, it is essential for men and women alike.

To enjoy and do the way all involved in the sexual act itself craves it.

If you are a guy, enjoy the things your partner enjoy. Be happy if she/he is mature and insightful enough to crave that you explore all of their sexuality. Dont put restraints on her pleasures and desires. And if you are girl, let go, you are who you are. And you need what you crave and enjoy. Do not let the historical restraints of society and immature people tell you what is healthy and normal to enjoy and like.

No one has the right to dictate what you should enjoy in your current and former relationships, nor should you let your male partner dictate what you can think and do, dislike and enjoy, not today, not tomorrow and certainly not in the past.

People grow and change as we mature, and our sexual pleasures, our desires, the things we enjoy and dislike, the things we do not need and the things we certainly do need, sexually and emotionally, they too change. That is what is normal. Either embrace the freedom of that natural change in each other, or suffocate the life joy in the person you claim to love.

Religion teaches us far too often that sex is unhealthy, studies like this proves the opposite.

Sexual fulfillment is both beautiful as well as healthy.

And for a happy, fulfilling life and relationship, allowing all involved the freedom to enjoy the things you do in this very moment, and the right to only do what you all enjoy, is not only a scientifically healthy thing to do, it is how you act as a decent human being and world class lover.


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Inbetween Christmas and the first day of 2016
workout inspiration, Shoulders, abs, mma, outdoors walk

We all know the drill of Xmas time, food, food and ever more food, only briefly paused by stuff to drink and gifts to open.

Well, if you are anything like me you are already back at the gym feeling bloated and far too lazy in both body and mind, in fact, I worked out early on Xmas too :).

Anyway. Have a great rest of the year.

Morning Martial Arts

Early this morning I started my day with a few cups of water and black coffee, some pleasant to the ear metal and martial arts for my morning cardio.

I think in total it ended up being 20-25 minutes of body weight squat jumps and a constant switching it up kicking and punching with both hands and feets.

Today my kicking and punching combo ended up being alternated between doing straight front kicks and round kicks with the same front leg + 3-4 left/right punches before switching front leg and repeating it for a few minutes.

The other combo was doing the straight front kick with my back leg and the round kick with my front leg, followed up by a spinning back kick.

And a few times I switched it all up by doing 10 body weight jumping squats.

Great stuff, and great fun and effective morning cardio :).

Music for the day
forged in fire by Månegarm

Shoulders and abs

A few hours later, after some breakfast and more water and coffee (And much more metal) it was time for a 20 minute walk outdoors, followed by a shoulder workout, abs and another 20 minute walk.

My shoulder workout was as follows.

Shoulder press, barbell
4 set x 10 reps as warmup, with increasing weights every second set.

3 sets x 8 to 10 reps as heavy as I could go for the day while still keeping it safe and strict.

dumbbell standing side lateral raise

No warm up needed so I went straight for the proper weights, keeping it strict enough to avoid injuries and without swinging the weight as much as Branch Warren does :), but still heavy enough to make it more of a "compound" exercise than the usual isolation exercise most do it as.

I also do this one one arm at a time, it´s simply just how I prefer to do this one and the back of my shoulders when I do the rear lateral raise.

3 sets x 8 to 10 reps @ 30kg (66 lbs)

I also did 2 sets of hanging leg raises for my tummy in between my side lateral raise sets.

rear lateral raise

3 sets x 80 to 12 reps @ 50kg (110 lbs)

Have a great rest of the year and lots of happy little workouts :).

Workout and writing: +Michael A Koontz
Model: Branch Warren

And no, Branch Warren is certainly not neither a healthy role model for your fit and active lifestyle, or the go to guy when it comes to proper technique :). But he trains hard, and as such perhaps his shoulder workout can serve as a mental "let´s go" kick for you.

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The science of neurogenesis, life long health in body, gives life long health in mind

It sadly still surprises quite a lot of people around the world that what promotes a healthy body, also promotes a healthy mind. And yes, just as you can strengthen your own body all life long, you also strengthen and maintain your minds health, performance and youth. All life long.

So let us talk about neurogenesis, the science about a healthy mind for all of life.

Every day, 700 new neurons are formed in a healthy mind, all life long

Every day, all life long, a healthy brain actually produce an astonishing 700 new neurons.

In other words, as long as you maintain your body by making daily healthy choices which you enjoy doing, you will also keep your mind healthy, fit and toned.

Sex (the great fulfilling kind), healthy food, a fit and toned body, blueberries, lifting weights, doing MMA, reading a good book, writing a book, listening to music, falling in love and maintaining that love. Learning new things, taking daily walks. Keeping up with the world, learning new things as the world learns new things. Discovering new games, playing games. Learning new forms of art. Destroying your own squat and bench press records. Doing yoga, travelling. They are all good for you.

And the bad

Skipping ice cream, not doing alcohol, smoking, drugs, and making sure not to sit still for too long. Avoiding air pollution, unhealthy food, making sure not to over eat. Avoiding sugar. Kicking crappy partners, friends and lovers out. Well, I am pretty sure you already get the point. All the things that maintains and improves your personal fitness level, joy and health also maintains your brain.

And the wonders of keeping a fit and healthy lifestyle

I have said it in previous articles over the year, but I will end this one by saying it again. Your mind is a muscle. The same way your heart, your ass, your triceps, abs and lungs are all muscles. And as such, while there are circumstances to health, life and aging which we do not control, and while there are some genetic limitations involved for us all, it truly is not only possible to create and maintain a healthy body and mind for a life of enjoyable and sensual health, it is 99% down to your own daily choices.

Best of all, you can start improving your health in body and mind at any given point in life, the concept is easy, your own body and brain is constantly replenishing and restarting, it´s a daily grind, and that is why people go up and down in body fat, muscle mass, endurance, strength and so forth.

Nothing is constant, and what you do not use, you loose, but what you havent used, you can start improving today by starting to use it on a daily basis, because, as you now know, both muscles, body fat and neurons continually gets refreshed, your entire living system continually thrive to rise or sink with the challenge - or lack of challenge that you provide it with.

What you have to constantly remind yourself with, is that it truly is a daily grind.

Never ever buy into someones promise of a healthy life and hot body if you do this routine for the next 6 month. A healthy body and mind is created by making healthy choices every single day for the rest of your life. Body fat starts growing the very same day you start eating more food than you use up. Body fat starts diminishing the same day you start using more energy per day than you are feeding your body. And strength, thought, endurance, joy, it´s all the same.

Add to that, that quality also matters. Quality of food, quality of sex, quality of working out.

Quality of life.

And that is the reason why no one should feel that life and health ends in their 20´s, 30´s or 50´s, it simply put do not work like that.

Make a bet with yourself today, that you will once you hit 70 years old outdo your current day self in body and mind. Work for it on a daily basis by making healthy choices that you enjoy - and I bet you that you will accomplish exactly that (bad luck and accidents put aside of course).

Website article

Writer: +Michael A Koontz
Model: mercedes terrell,

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Morning walks and evening weights
Coffeee, water, cardio, Back and triceps

text, photo and workout by +Michael A Koontz 
Morning walks and evening weights
Coffee & water
The Science of a healthy life

Yesterday was all cute frost and frozen berries, and today was rain and misty autumn views being served as breakfast. Yesterday was chest and abs, and today it was all about that mighty back and triceps.

No need to tell you about the start of my day, you know all about it by now :). So let´s get going, fuel your mind, your body and get pumped for another day of glorious win in life.

Body & Mind
[fitness fuels my creativity]

While the rain keeps pouring down for me, and perhaps the sun is burning bright for you, the biggest upper body muscle is what I had cooking on today's schedule. Back, and that much smaller thing called triceps. I normally do not train my triceps with my back, I usually do nothing but back and my mma cardio, and possibly some abs, but I do like that switching it up thing, so for today it´s back and triceps. A combo that do work really well together, giving your entire upper body a solid challenge.

Both back and triceps work your shoulders as a tiny but positive bonus, and a tough back workout also gives your biceps and grip a proper beating, so by the end of it you´ll end up having activated your entire upper body, including your chest muscles courtesy of those triceps exercises.

the workout

I usually warm up by doing 2 to 3 sets x 10 repetitions of standing barbell row for my back workouts and today was no exception.

In my case I start out @ 100kg, which feels light enough while still actually giving my body a proper warm up. Today, just for fun, I also did two warm up sets of close grip bench press for my triceps as a superset with my barbell row, and one hanging leg raises.

No, it´s not really how you should do it every single day you hit the gym. But every now and then your body just needs some amped up intensity.

After all, you do train for lifelong health too and an athletic body and not just for beefy muscles that can't even get you through 5 minutes of cardio, right?. Well, at least I do.

Intense Weights
[back and triceps]

Standing barbell row:

2 set x 20 repetitions @ 100kg (Warmup). + 2 set of 10reps close grip bench press with the same weight.
3 set x 12 repetitions @ 130kg (286 lbs) + 10 reps of shrugs using the same weight.

Sitting rows in a superset with chins.

3 set x 12 repetitions @ 120kg (264 lbs) sitting row, + 10 to 12 repetitions of chins in between each set of sitting rows.


2 set x 20 repetitions @ 200kg (440 lbs) + one more set of chins in between those two sets.

While I do not know about you, that short and intense back workout felt god damn great for me. Intense, high paced and good weights and proper technique.
A workout I was damn happy about.

As a bonus, I did close grip bench press 3 set x 10 reps @ 110kg (242 lbs) and 3 set of dips for my triceps x 25 repetitions per set.

No lessons for today, except that you know. Fit and active is about a functional, and healthy body that is as athletic and kick ass and sexy as it is good looking and healthy for all of life. So keep at it and don't let the desire to be the strongest in the gym be your one singular goal. at the expense of everything else. It might be fun but it is neither sustainable nor healthy So, in the quest for throwing around weights do not forget the cardio, the pace, the explosiveness, the durability and just how much more fun it is to be toned and athletic, and muscular versus being a bulked up polar bear that only grunts away 3rep sets every third minute.

website article



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Fun martial arts Cardio for everyone: Cross, Jab, roundhouse kick, spinning back kick
The Science of a Healthy Life

Going with the previous notion of how anyone can greatly improve their health with just a few minutes of cardio every day. Here is an easy to do cardio form which you can enjoy doing 7 days per week if you wish. Casually, low impact style, or high paced, highly explosive. 5 minutes or 40 minutes per day. You pick and choose. 

I personally finished a 20 minute session of doing these fun little puppies outside on the porch in the sun while listening to music :).

You can do them in front of the tv, in the morning, middle of the day, or at evenings. Before or after lifting weights, or just completely on their own. You can also build upon these easy to do steps and for instance add a front kick or two with your front or back leg.

Not only is it fun and will give you as advanced, or easy to do cardio benefits as you feel like. But it´s also a very viable martial arts combination to hang back on if you ever need to punch a mugger or cowardly bully in the face (or perhaps you are simply considering an mma career in the ufc). 

The sweet Take away of How to do it

Fire up some music if you feel like and start punching away in the pace that you enjoy and the amount of time you enjoy. Remember, working out and keeping healthy adapts to however advanced you are, newcomer and poor health or super fit and advanced alike. 

music of the day while you are reading my article
Never forgive, never forget by Arch Enemy

Left foot first, right leg back. 
Hold your hands up in front of your chest/tummy/chin area. 
Start with a cross right hand punch. 
Jab once or twice with your left front hand. 
Turn your upper body to the right and slightly back (depending on your agility and flexibility, I personally dont really lean my upper body back at all, but I am also quite agile and smooth in my kicking and punching). 

With my(your) front foot, lift it up from the floor and do a front roundhouse kick going from left to the right. As you complete the arch, turn your body more clockwise to the right and put your left front foot, down, behind your floor grounded right back leg. 

As soon as your left foot is now placed behind your right, floor grounded foot, you continue turning your body clockwise to the right, and you allow your right foot off of the ground and do a side kick. 

Once you are advanced enough, all this will happen in a smooth perpetual motion and that side kick will before you know it, in fact be a spinning back kick. 

Finish the motion with your right leg front and left foot back. And repeat but this time your left is the one doing the cross and your right hand the jab, and your right leg is the one doing the front roundhouse kick. 

Repeat this basic to do, but still advanced martial arts combo. It is a highly effective way of doing cardio. And just 5 minutes of this will challenge heart, lungs, lower back muscles, body fat, leg, ass and tummy muscles. Well, it will even work your shoulder and arms a tiny little bit. 

Keep the pace as high as you feel like, the more explosive the better health and body benefits. And as for time, keep it between 5 minutes and 40 minutes, all depending on how fun you are having and how much health and body benefits you feel like getting out of it. But yes, even 5 minutes accounts for quite a lot. 

Once you feel advanced and smooth enough in what you are doing, you can easily add a front leg or back leg front kick or two to the mix. 
Next week i´ll be back to talk about a jab, jab, cross, switch kick combo (front kick or round house kick). 
Cheers and have fun keeping fit, active and healthy no matter your age. 

Website article, including a how to video for the roundhouse kick

writer and workout +Michael A Koontz 


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Reduced mortality in people aged 60+ years with as little as 15 minutes of low impact physical activity
While not breaking news for anyone following us. A new study by Dr. David Hupin (and others) of the department of clinical and exercise physiology, University Hospital of Saint-Etienne, France have confirmed that even a small, easy to do low impact physical activity of 15 minutes per day greatly lowers mortality in people age 60 and above.

The team analyzed data covering a total of 122,417 men and women between the ages of 60 and 101 in the U.S., Taiwan and Australia, evaluating participants' physical activity levels and their risk of dying from any cause over a period of 10 years.
In total, people doing as little as 15 minutes of physical activity per day lowered their mortality rate with 22%. While, yes, as you already know, people that spent more time staying active reduced their general mortality rate with even higher numbers.
And of course, people that combine that with eating healthy food (and working out in a more demanding way) improved their health even more.

The Take away

The simple and beautiful take away however, is that if you are too fragile or in any other way unable to do more than 15 minutes of physical low impact activity per day, even such a low amount of every day exercise greatly improves your health.

Also of note for the exercise shy amongst you. When I say low impact, I do mean low impact, as in, something as simple as walking around in the garden, and choosing to stand up while drinking your coffee (or during the commercial tv break - if you are still tied to the clumsy cable tv packages ) actually aids your health in significant ways. 15 minutes of just mocking about truly do make a difference people.

You can find the original study that was published earlier this month at the British Medical Journal of Sports Medicine if you are interested. Or why not continue to read up on any of the number of science based health articles at your disposal right here at a Norse View.

music of the day while you are reading my article
Never forgive, never forget by Arch Enemy
Writer: +Michael A Koontz 

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Air Pollution and our health
The factual Science of a Healthy Life

Science spits out more reasons in a never ending string as to why fit and active people should also be caring for a sustainable society and world.

As if it is not already bad enough with modern day Lifes annoying sidekick - air pollution causing cancer, asthma and respiratory diseases and crazy smog in a growing number of cities. We can now add dementia to the list of unhealthy effects that any unsustainable society will cause through air pollution. 

Swedish researchers at Umeå University have uncovered compelling evidence for a direct link between air pollution and dementia. The run down is that if you happen to live in an area that leaves you exposed to air pollution you will run a 40 percent greater risk of developing Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia compared to if you would have chosen to live in a city with healthier air. 

We studied nearly 2,000 people over a 15-year span

The study, published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, followed 1806 people over a 15-year span while also accounting for traffic patterns in the northern Swedish city of Umea. All participants in the study was of age 55 or older and medically healthy when the study began. 191 were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and 111 were diagnosed with vascular dementia during the study. 

The researchers accounted for other factors such as age, education level, lifestyle and body fat. This is however not a lone wolf in a growing sea of science, there are already a pattern of previous research all linking air pollution to a wide range of negative health issues, ranging from life ending cancer to lesser issues such as asthma and respiratory diseases. Scientists have also in recent years started to uncover how air quality directly affects the brain.

music of the day
13 steps to nowhere by Pantera

We know that very small particles can enter the brain through the olfactory nerve and cause direct damage

Forsberg said. 

In other words, this study is one more piece of the puzzle that day by day grows stronger, urging us all to transform society, globally, to a healthier and more sustainable way. Not so much for the sake of Cecil the lion and his surviving family. But equally much so for our own sake. For our own tomorrow, for our friends and loved ones today and tomorrow. Replacing unsustainable vehicles and petrol with sustainable electric cars, replacing coal with solar, wind, water, ground and perhaps soon fusion is not only about preserving wildlife and green pastures, it is about allowing us all to grow older in a happy and healthy way. Allowing us all to enjoy a long and fulfilling life without the burden of cancer and dementia, allowing young people and old ones to breath, to run, to make love and fuck without the burden of cardiac arrest and obesity, diabetes and unhealthy water and air to sustain our bodies. It is about us all being able to eat healthy food grown from healthy farming, to walk in green and clean cities free of fog that is already killing millions of people around the world. 

And a good and clear example of that is the US which have been leading the unsustainable way of life in the last few decades in the western world, and as a result it has had the worst increase in all neurological deaths – men increased with 66 percent and women 92 % between the years 1979 and 2010. 

Writer and photography: +Michael A Koontz 

website version

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