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BeerBugs stay in constant contact with the cloud, updating every few minutes. One of the best things about the BeerBug platform is the ability to reverse this communication channel and send an update to every Bug.
Every BeerBug now has 25 or more days battery life and more reliable data. See more in the latest update.

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The Brewing Network is live, talking about the BrewCaster Challenge.  Two brewers going head to head to see who brewers the better beer.  For the first time ever, they are using BeerBugs to watch the battler live.

Hear The Brewing Network talk about it now - here,

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Check out our brand new "community" page! It allows you to see the what's happening right now in the BeerBug community. See all of the live brews, see clubs, and shops - all BeerBuggers!

We'll be shipping many more BeerBug tomorrow morning. This will leave about 40 more Bugs to be shipped the beginning of next week. We are now moving from "Pre-Orders" to "Orders"!

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What the BeerBug does, why, and where it came from!

If you had any Android sign-in troubles yesterday they should be all gone. They were an early April Fools joke 
Happy Buggin'!

Hey Guys, We're having a date (parsing) error right now.  All data is fine.  Everything will be sorted out in 24 hours and back to normal!  Sorry for the mix up.

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Thank You KickStarter Backers - We love you!

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Finally it is here - Check out our new "brew" page. See all of the vital data and graphs of each brew and it's brewer.
See +Darien Kruss's Dusty Mummy Brew.

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As you'll see in our notes, "First wine run ever. Even I don't know what it will do...."
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