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Prepare for the Humble Origin Bundle, featuring eight amazing games to play on Windows via Origin! Pay whatever you want for The Sims 3 and Battlefield 3 soundtracks. Pay at least $1 to receive Origin keys for Dead Space 3, Dead Space, Crysis 2 Maximum Edition, Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, Medal of Honor, and Mirror’s Edge. Electronic Arts has also provided Steam keys for Dead Space, Crysis 2 Maximum Edition, Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, Medal of Honor, and Mirror’s Edge!

Beat the average price to get The Sims 3 + DLC and Battlefield 3! Don’t delay, head over to the site and grab your bundle now!

Transmissiond PID file troubles

Recently my transmission dameon has been shutting down minutes after starting it. After some digging I traced it back to the daemon expecting /run/transmission to exist and being writeable by the transmission user.

Sinc /run is mount as tmpfs this directory has to be recreated at startup by systemd-tmpfiles which reads the config files in /lib/tmpfiles.d and creates the appropriates directories.

Solution: Create the file /lib/tmpfiles.d/transmissiond.conf with the content "d /run/transmission 0755 transmission transmission -" and restart the computer

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Humble Bundle with Android 6 has sold over 150,000 bundles and more than $720,000 in sales!

Head over to the site now to get your mobile and desktop games before it’s too late!

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Humble Indie Bundle V is out!
Amnesia, Limbo, Psychonauts and Sword & Sorcery. Pay as much as you want.

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My new setup.

Awesome WM
Custom Portal Wallpaper & Theme & Conky

Fixed context menu highlight for "Elementary Dark" (gtk theme)

Find the "Elementary Dark" folder. (~/.themes/elementary Dark)

Open the gtkrc file in the gtk-2.0 folder (elementary Dark/gtk-2.0/gtkrc)

Find this line "style "murrine-dark" = "murrine-default""

In the murrine-dark section, find this entry "bg[PRELIGHT]= shade (1.1,@bg_color_dark)" and change the value to something like 1.5.

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Not in the US, but I feel like I should be spreading the word. #sopastrike

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I had initially written an all-too lengthy introduction, but realized it wasn't anything that anyone reading this wouldn't have known, involving the high-enthusiasm launch of Plus, "Facebook killer," etc. These are just a few humble recommendations to distinguish the Plus service from the other premiere social networks.

1. Customizable overhead display - Let users choose what they see when they access anything in the realm of Google, via the crossbar. Why not let the amateur market-watchers pin Google Finance as their primary option and rid themselves of their (for example) unused Documents link? Forcing a presence will lead to exposure, but will inevitably end in frustration for the user. Avid users who are affronted with the cheeky “Send Feedback” option, weeks after initial updates, will agree (Gmail, YouTube are prime examples).

2. Integrated Location Tools - Facebook and Google each uses a “Check-In” system. Google has essentially re-wrote how people plan for travel with the success of their Earth and Maps services. Let users compile their Check-Ins on their Calendars (as an optional trait and a chance to utilize Latitude), to look back on their lives and further the event and planning features already enabled through Calendar.

3. Give the option to link more Google services from a Plus profile - In addition to the About, Photographs, and Posts sections available on Plus, why not let users share their public Documents, Latitude activity, YouTube uploads / profile, and Sites. YouTube has proven to be a launching-pad for the relatively new phenomena of digital media celebrity. Although I personally do not care to follow such personalities, I imagine that the opportunities for fans of these creators to consume media beyond the videos, by proceeding to this proposed integration of Plus, is a recipe for growth and usage.
Consider: YouTube enthusiast proposes a humorous, tongue-in-cheek horror movie via online video. Said video goes viral. Users proceed through the YouTube profile into the integrated Plus profile. Discussion brews and the original creator produces a script via Documents. An event is created using the to-be embraced Calendar service and a flash-mob of movie-extra zombies is planned. Such a whimsical event unfolds due to the easily integrated features of Plus.

The established user-base of Facebook will never totally convert to Plus, no matter the incentives Google rolls out. So, we must simply deal with this fact. Accept that these are two different animals a part of a larger world. And thrive on it.

Google Plus won’t kill Facebook if it’s just another social network. Don’t let it be. Embrace the services that gave Google the notoriety it has earned. Flaunt what Facebook can’t touch. Co-exist and distinguish.
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