To anyone who can help me out here....

I'm debugging some issues with the (I know, not officially supported) PostgreSQL XA implementation and GlassFish, and I have some questions regarding the behavior of the GlassFish TM.

1.) Does it attempt interleaving? (suspend / resume) So far, I've not observed any problems there.

2.) How does it synchronize threads attempting to do work on behalf of a single TX branch? I believe I'm seeing race conditions amongst threads invoking start() and end() on XAResource in the postgres implementation (which is, apparently, at this time, not thread safe). [0]

I have an interest in helping resolve the deficiencies in the PG driver, and would be happy to help / work with anyone else whom may have that same desire. Ultimately, what would be required of the PG XA Resource implementation to be included as a 'supported' configuration [1] for GlassFish JDBC drivers?

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