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Search vs Social stats - Loving this +Jon Law +Alex Snell +Alex Brown 
Shareaholic: Social referral traffic beats search traffic - again

+BuzzFeed has published an interesting new insights site How Technology Is Changing Media where it uncovered its best sources of traffic, among other things.

At the very top, they refer to Shareaholic stats showing that social is now the #1 source of referral traffic to content on the web.

+Martin Beck dug deeper into this in his post at +Marketing Land asking +Shareaholic to share more details.

Shareaholic confirmed that the social has pulled ahead in a see-saw battle.

Social passed search for the first time in June, 30.93% to 29.40%.

Search jumped back into the lead in July and August, before a social rebound in September (29.35% to 29.14%).

Yes, the numbers are close, but it does look like social is gaining more momentum.

“The figures simply reveal that social drives a larger relative percentage of visits to sites across the web. In some ways, I’m certain social has stolen both ‘share of traffic’ and raw visits from search." Shareaholic's +Danny Wong wrote in an email to Marketing Land.

See more in the post at +Marketing Land

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Jo Shaer commented on a post on Blogger.
LOL @ Tim. My partner was just looking over my shoulder as Carpe S.....m was on the screen. Much laughter here. I know what you mean about free marketing. We have often asked relevant local businesses to submit some information about what they do and how they can help for inclusion on the Lolly blog - But they just don't seem to understand the value of free marketing or can't be bothered to type something up :(

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I know engineers AND lawyers - this made me smile :)

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Further to our recent post on the Google Local Stack, we’re getting regular calls from business owners about problems with their Google My Business local map listings. It’s vital for your Local SEO that you get your map listing – and all the data that…

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At the end of last week, Mike Blumenthal introduced us all to Google’s new Local Stack for local search terms, e.g., local seo in essex. This is the latest visual incarnation of the ongoing saga from Google Places, Google+, Google+ Local, Google My…

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Jon’s a keen footie fan and loves to watch Aston Villa whenever they play in London. He is avidly awaiting the start of the new season next weekend and scours the internet for all the latest news about the Villa’s next opposition. So he stumbled upon an…

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Many people don’t realise that it is actually possibly to get critical sales data from their LinkedIn connections – at the press of a button! Yes, LinkedIn offer a data export in a .CSV file that gives the name, email address, title and company of all…

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Thanks to +Nick Rink for stopping me from cussing over the missing cog when trying to embed a Google Map!
How to get Google Maps embed code and share links

Not sure if this is brand new or if I just haven't noticed it before today but the journey to get embed codes and shareable links for +Google Maps appears to have changed.

There used to be a gear icon towards the bottom left of the screen where you could grab links and the code but that's now gone. In it's place are 3 horizontal lines to the left of the search box in Google Maps. Click on those and a menu pane slides out and presents different options. As you can see from the screenshare attached the Share or embed codes are now there.

Thanks to +Malcolm Maybury for making me hunt for the new link ☺

Have you seen this yet?

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