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Search vs Social stats - Loving this +Jon Law +Alex Snell +Alex Brown 
Shareaholic: Social referral traffic beats search traffic - again

+BuzzFeed has published an interesting new insights site How Technology Is Changing Media where it uncovered its best sources of traffic, among other things.

At the very top, they refer to Shareaholic stats showing that social is now the #1 source of referral traffic to content on the web.

+Martin Beck dug deeper into this in his post at +Marketing Land asking +Shareaholic to share more details.

Shareaholic confirmed that the social has pulled ahead in a see-saw battle.

Social passed search for the first time in June, 30.93% to 29.40%.

Search jumped back into the lead in July and August, before a social rebound in September (29.35% to 29.14%).

Yes, the numbers are close, but it does look like social is gaining more momentum.

“The figures simply reveal that social drives a larger relative percentage of visits to sites across the web. In some ways, I’m certain social has stolen both ‘share of traffic’ and raw visits from search." Shareaholic's +Danny Wong wrote in an email to Marketing Land.

See more in the post at +Marketing Land

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Further to the spammy listing posted by +Dave DiGregorio I came across a GMB map listing today that said [Name of Company] - Burglar Alarms, Access Control, Electric Gates, CCTV, Car Park Barriers, FIre Alarms, Fire Extinguishers, Door Automation, Repairs and Maintenance AND IT'S RANKING 1 OR 2 IN THE ORGANICS AND IN MAPS FOR THE SMALL TOWN WHERE IT'S LOCATED FOR MANY OF THESE TERMS!!! AND THE NEARER BIGGER TOWN FOR AT LEAST ONE.
GOOGLE, I GIVE UP! How can I call him and tell him he needs to change that...? +Joy Hawkins +Mike Blumenthal

Hi Guys, What is the best way to add a listing for a therapy business that works fulltime using a room in a health centre?

Name - Name of Business @ Health Centre?
Address - Health Centre address - minus the name of the Health Centre
Phone - Business phone number

Name - Name of Business
Address - Name of Health Centre and Address of Health Centre
Phone - Business phone number

Name - Name of Business
Address - Address of Health Centre minus the name of the Health Centre
Phone - Business phone number

I keep coming back to the same question - how do you edit a map listing that is showing a home address or accountant's adddress when it should be displayed as an SAB?

Ha! I have found my first locksmith spam! I feel like I am part of the club now :)

I just tried to remove the location descriptor from the Name of a company and have the error message - Your edit couldn't be verified so it won't be published

What's that all about? This guy has set up map listings for a whole load of private residences in all the local towns and spammed the Name of all of them with the town. He also seems to be a web designer :O I'm surprised he has the time.

I am finding a lot of driving instructors who publish their full home address on the map. What's best practice here? Obviously in 90% of cases, they go to the home of their client to pick them up so are SABs.
Should I just amend the address to remove the street number and name? Should I mark as private?

I have seen a company who have two map listings - one where the company is actually based and one where the owner lives. What is the best way to stop this from happening? Is it to mark the owners address as spam?

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Now that I can see Check The Facts, the things that I am most often being asked to check is whether SABs are permanently closed or not. In many cases there is no website and no FB page. There might be a Yell or other local directory listing but nothing more. They are invariably a plumber or cabinet maker or similar tradesman working out of a home address. Short of telephoning them all, what is your criteria to estabish whether a home address SAB is still open for business?

Is there a reason why some of my edits get published straightaway but others go to review? I did a lot of amending of spammy titles in my area last night. There doesn't seem to be an obvious reason why some were accepted immediately but some were not.
Also, if I know that a business is missing from the maps, how do I go about adding it now that Mapmaker is no more...?
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