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Congratulations to Twelve INC. for selling their device for millions of dollars. We envy you and are inspired by your success. Keep pushing!
Medtronic PLC, a medical tech company located in Dublin, Ireland, has nabbed Redwood City's privately held Twelve Inc. in a deal expected to close in October, for up to $458 million.
Twelve, making mitral valve replacement products, was spun out of The Foundry, a medical device incubator, as its 12th child. Its devices are not yet approved on the market, Medtronic (NYSE: MDT) observed in an Aug. 25 statement.
Sean Salmon, a Medtronic senior vice president and president of its coronary and structural heart unit, said the purchase would "strategically augment" its use replacement valves used if the center's mitral valve doesn't close generally, letting blood to move inside the wrong way. Over time, Medtronic said, that may result in declining heart function and failure.
The offer requires Medtronic (NYSE: MDT), which includes its operational headquarters in Fridley, Minn., to cover $408 million at closing and another $50 million when it achieves marketing approvals.
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Its good to know more and more cities are doing what they can to conserve water. Let's be proactive before it is too late.. 
California residents are now able to get incentives to help change old, inefficient toilets and thirsty lawns with water-saving options, their state Department of Water Resources announced Wednesday.

The “turf and toilet” discount program will use $24 million in funds from Proposition 1, a water bond approved by voters in 2014, to assist replace more than 10 million squarefeet of grass and around 60,000 bathrooms, department officials said.

Buyers could get a $100 rebate to replace one toilet per household and up to $2 per square foot for garden alternative, upto $2000 per household.

The program is intended to handle Gov. Jerry Brown’s April 1 executive order on drought, where he imposed mandatory water use savings over the state. The order called for the replacement of 50 million squarefeet of garden with drought tolerant landscaping, the design of rebate applications for your replacement of inefficient old appliances.

The lawn rebate program, which could benefit over 10,000 homes, will give priority initially to residents in disadvantaged regions, especially those struck hardest from the drought.
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Everyone be careful and wash yourself thoroughly! Its mosquito season and this time they are packing a punch. 
Some of the city is set to be fogged Friday and Saturday for mosquitoes infected with West Nile virus.

The function comes just five days after adult specimens transporting the virus were accumulated based on Vector Control Area and the San Mateo County Insect.

Weather permitting, the truck-mounted fogging therapy is ready to take place from 9 p.m. Wednesday to 5 a.m. Thursday in a generally residential location roughly bounded by Elwood Street for the northeast, Vera Avenue for the southeast, Canyon Route to the southwest and Blandford Blvd towards the northwest.

Mosquitoes will soon be gathered following a procedure of course if any individuals are hauling the herpes virus, the area could possibly be addressed again.

In line with the center's website, the synthetic substance found in the fogging is Zenivex E4, which it claims poses almost no chance to people or even the atmosphere and is employed such reduced doses that "most of the content disappears or reduces before deciding on surfaces."

Fogging usually happens while in the early-morning hours since that's day's time when "useful insects, including butterflies and bees, are not active," according to the website
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If you have heard anything please let the authorities know!
Redwood City police are searching for a missing man with dementia who was last seen Friday morning.

Richard Adams was last at 8:30 a.m. on the 100 block of Duane Street. Adams is 58-year-old black man, and is 5'7" tall and weighs 150 lbs. He was last seen wearing a sweater, blue pants and a blue hat.
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We are glad no one got hurt and everyone is safe and sound.
 Flight N805SH crashed around 8:44 p.m. in Redwood City Saturday evening after departing from San Carlos, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. 
The cause remains unknown as of Saturday evening, said FAA.
There was only one person on board and no injuries have been reported.
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Hey my Bay Area residents! Please be cautious and careful when ordering new strangers as your Lyft or Uber driver. Always check reviews and if you can bring a friend with you. 
A Bay Region couple mentioned once they were assaulted by two males revealing a ride with them in San Francisco Bay Area early Saturday morning their expertise with Lyft became a pain.
The pair, who asked to not be identified, told KPIX 5 that the event occurred of a fraction to two in the morning. When the two guys inside the Truck using them turned crude they were nearby the corner of Valencia and 15th Street.
“They just talked really derogatorily about ladies and about dating their co-workers as well as apps and just saying really horrible things that were not relaxed,” the girl told KPIX 5.
Issues exploded when the couple requested the guys to stop.
I am said to by “He, ‘You must handle your woman.’ And since it’s not 1850, I got offense to that, ” the person said.
“Before I realized it, blows were just tossing, I was struck on by him in the head like five or six times ,” the lady said.
Her partner has knot on his brow in the blows. She explained until she screamed for help the drive stops. That’s once the two men became popular and San Francisco Bay Area police was called.
“There was small they might do because they merely didn’t have the knowledge that Lyft just has what their handle is, what their phonenumber is,” the person said.
In line with the pair, the driver tried and didn't get ahold of Lyft.
“They should be aware of how to proceed if issues arise. When the cops need to be called there must be process, ” the lady said. “I mean, the driver merely stood there just like a deer inside the headlights.”
Two hours correctly house, the pair stated Lyft named for a restaurant certificate and $5.
That’s if the couple got for their laptops and lit-up Lyft on social media, and Lyft got in to them…with a better reason, but little support.
“‘Incidents like this support us how to do better later on,’ which generally seemed in my experience like, we have to find out how hazardous individuals are before we work out to make them secure,” the woman said.
Both stated they’ll never ride Lyft again.
“They always discuss fist lumps, but I assume we didn’t assume that ” the man, one said.
“I just hope that nobody else has to encounter this, the lady that was ” said.
The SFPD claimed they are currently investigating and therefore are dealing to find the two guys required.
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Creeps can just be in any profession, really. Act professional please.. 
Authorities in Redwood City arrested acupuncturist Dr. Randall Neustaedter Wednesday after he sexually assaulted a lady patient, according to authorities.
Authorities say the 27-year-old female target ordered a Groupon for a number of acupuncture therapies given by Dr. Randall Neustaedter.
The target attended several acupuncture therapy consultations with Neustaedter, in accordance with authorities. During among the times, Neustaedter presented the target an acupuncture massage which she recognized.
Through the massage, Neustaedter unnecessarily and deliberately handled the victim’s vaginal region, police said.
San Mateo County Sheriff’s Detectives conducted a study, which generated Neustaedter’s charge.
Neustaedter was scheduled in to the Maguire Correctional Facility for just two counts of 289 PC (Forcible Act of Sexual Transmission) and contains since placed $200,000.00 bail.
Authorities believe there might be more patients, and are requesting a person with any data to return forward.
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If we told you drugs are supporting more people than destroying them.. would you believe us? Whether you do or not is not of importance but moreover the fact that studies like these tell us drugs are helping sustain life in some parts of the world. WE can choose to ignore it or to accept it and start moving as a country to help fix drug laws. 
A quarter of the cash advancing Guatemalan politics arises from criminal corporations, mostly drug traffickers, according to a study released Thursday by a Un fee.

The percentage figured the country's elections are rife with illegitimate money and crime may be the stick holding the machine together. Political events continually spend far more money than they record ingesting and several often exceed spending limits without effect.

"Crime is the unifying component of the Guatemalan governmental system-based on an amalgam of interests that include politicians, administrators, public organizations, marketers, low-governmental agencies and criminal communities," Ivan Velasquez, head of the commission, said Thursday.

The survey advised campaign financing reforms, for example, setting exclusive plan capital at 20 percent.

"It's a representation on everyone, it influences all of us," said Javier Zepeda, executive director of the Step of Marketplace. "We believe that today as part of your we have to sitdown, combine and consider a region in the future."

The statement premiered 1 day after the same percentage and Guatemalan prosecutors petitioned to truly have a candidate for vice president removed of his health for allegedly laundering funds that have been later used-to finance political actions.

Prosecutors accused Edgar Barquin, vice-presidential candidate of the Renewed Democratic Independence party, and his brother Manuel Barquin, one of the most influential federal lawmakers from your same party, of the variety violations on Friday. Guatemalan law provides lawmakers and individuals immunity from justice.

The Renewed Democratic Independence party is definitely an opposition party, but brings while in the forms for that Sept national elections.

Edgar Barquin, is the former head of Guatemalais main bank. These resources were later used for illicit campaign finance.

In reply, his buddy, Manuel Barquin, said they just require "due process and that the theory of purity that folks have is respectable."

The commissionis investigation found that the cash was washed abroad after which used to fund the Great National Alliance party within the 2011 presidential elections.

Velasquez stated the commission, which has been managing in Guatemala since 2007, can declare that "a number of these funds result from drug trafficking."

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