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FarCool Web Services - Domains, Hosting, Design.
FarCool Web Services - Domains, Hosting, Design.

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shooting underwater looking through the back of the wave toward shore.

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One of my fav TED talks - Benjamin Zander is certainly inspiring to me.

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Digital painting (not auto effects but hand painting with digital brushes) is something which has inspired me lately. It's not only something that's satisfying but it's inspiring me to get ready to do more oil paintings soon. I'm going through my photography and trying to do as many as possible. Hope this inspires you to try doing your own digital art. Feel free to ask my how if it's something new.

Thanks for visiting. I'm super happy to open this Google Community "Inspiring" - I'd love to connect with people who are always seeking inspiring things in life.

Whether you express your inspirations through an interest in photography or contributing to or keeping up with scientific discoveries, or a million other things I'd simply like to encourage you to join in and help make someone's day, inspire someone's mind.

Please feel welcome to post, suggest changes or additional categories and so on. If you would enjoy moderating, let me know. 

I always enjoy showing a client their new web project. When I'm finished, I have to thank a few people for their amazing plug-ins and code that helps accelerate projects. In particular, I'm kind of stunned now by how well things work with WordPress, a fine responsive theme to start with, and super plug-ins. The days of coding everything in a notepad seem a world away now.

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Some good domains for sale prices here, fit for all kinds of purposes. I secured one so far - Steve is a charming guy and always very professional. I would say definitely worth a look - especially .org and .net domains with high search key words. In the time it took to write this, the domain is in my account and nearly ready to work on. Cheers Steve!

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Post has attachment added a new 48hr pre-drop auction thread to their popular forum for Australian domains.

Some information and benefits laid out here:

I listed a domain: - a 2 char acronym domain with the auction beginning at $10 - currently one subsequent bid with aprox 24hrs to go.

To see my auction:

More information at - in essence, when a domain drops, there are aftermarket auctions on those domains by registrars who attempt to catch them. Those auctions can see bidding go quite high because value seeking investors in the domain space understand that the drop auctions are possibly the fracture-point in the market's value system. Like a rich coal seam, it is where the most concentrations of value lay. In plain English, many people drop many actually good domain names (for whatever reason) and someone ends up finding those and capturing them.

In the case of the pre-drop auction on DNTrade (something similar has existed on DNForum for some years) it is currently a GOOD chance to get hold of names before they drop. It is possible that at some point, this enhanced value may wane as more domain buyers realise it's cheaper than the drop auctions. That is not to say it will compete directly, but may open a dialogue at least with current domain owners considering dropping their domains. It adds one extra way that someone seeking their perfect or preferred domain.

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