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Running into the sky... #throughglass
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This web browser is AMAZING! I cannot believe how fluid panning is, it's almost like looking at a webpage on a real screen! Not to mention the navigation interface (look at something and tap to select) works excellent. This is easily the best app for Glass yet IMO. Good freaking job Google!

GlassFeeds, 20 active users in, day 1: locked out due to Mirror restrictions. I can't say I didn't see this coming but I thought I'd be able to support at least 100.. Google really baffles me sometimes. So much for fostering a "development community" when you can't even share your work.

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Tired of articles from New York Times on your glass? Check out my latest app, Glass Feeds, to have articles from any news source sent directly to your Glass!

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Tired of NYT and CNN? Beam any of your favorite news sources straight to Glass with GlassFeeds:

This app is still under development. I want to gather some metrics with it from a small group of people (my followers) before I make a broader release. I would very much appreciate it if you did not repost this elsewhere. Please let me know of any bugs..

How many of you guys have gotten your OTA XE6 update? Still waiting here..

Gotta say, I'm feeling pretty bummed about the future of Mirror API development. With AppEngine quotas and no real way of monetizing Glass apps other than outright subscription fees (which noone will pay), I just don't see how a small developer can compete here.

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Check out the new version of my (psuedo)native app that lets you watch YouTube videos on Glass!

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So I was pondering on how difficult it is to see Glass' screen when you are doing activities that involve looking at the sky (flying, driving, etc) and I figured out a rather simple solution to the problem. All you really need to do is put some kind of opaque or semi-opaque backing film on the rear side of the glass prism which blocks the incoming light. By doing this, it becomes a screen in front of your eye but honestly still works excellent. Anyone know any companies that manufacture removeable UV film for eyeglasses? All I can find is this:
Which doesn't look like it exists anymore..
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