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Katie Sparks (Sparky)

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Due to a recent change in my username, THIS PROFILE WILL NO LONGER BE USED.

No links to my new profile will be provided.
However, below is a link to my new Google+ page, which will contain animations and music videos in the near future. Feel free to follow this page at any time!

I apologize for the inconvenience, and I hope to see you again there!
Delivering media from the heart of Fillydelphia!

Katie Sparks (Sparky)

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"Whatever you do, try and put a story in your work. It will make you a better artist." -Chris Sanders (aka `alohalilo)

Katie Sparks (Sparky)

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Yes, Google+ is Google's answer to Facebook, but not in the directly competitive sense many journalists assume. Google+ is core to Google's mission "to organize the world's information", and that's a better frame for thinking about this service.

Here are 35 slides to help kickstart a different perspective on what Google+ really is - a "shared interest graph."

I tried to make this tour as easy as possible with some nice images along the way. Credits for all those nice images are on the last slide.

P.S. - I've had multiple requests to post these slides via Slideshare, so here they are via my blog:

#interestgraph #socialnetworks #facebook #twitter #influence #informationnetworker #socialgraph #influencegraph

Katie Sparks (Sparky)

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I will be closing my PayPal account soon!

Why, you may ask? After reading several reports from dissatisfied PayPal users, which range from poor customer service to frozen accounts and even having money confiscated by the company, I became very concerned about my own money.*

In addition, transactions that involve "obscene" and "sexually oriented materials" are prohibited by PayPal, according to their Acceptable Use Policy:

Since I am planning to take commissions that may involve NSFW content, this policy creates a troubling situation. I do not want to cause my account and/or my client's account to become suspended if the company discovers the nature of my business.

This prompted me to search for a better system for online money transfers. Currently, I have found three potential candidates that I can use as alternatives to PayPal and I will research about them for further details in the near future.

Will I close my PayPal account and completely switch to another system? Plenty of people currently use PayPal, so my clients may face an inconvenience if they will be required to open an account outside of PayPal in order to pay for commissions. If this will be the case, I will need to choose a system that will be efficient for those clients in which they will be able to create their accounts with ease and not get charged with any hidden or inactivity fees.

However, what if I only use my PayPal account to receive payments for commissions that will fall within the acceptable range of activities that have been set by PayPal? I am not fully confident in trusting my money with the company, so this option may soon become out of the question.

Therefore, it will be very likely that I will close my PayPal account for good, but at least it will be better than risking the prospect of becoming a victim to the company's troubled history of questionable customer service.

* Fortunately, I had spent all of my money in my PayPal account before anything bad happened to me.

Katie Sparks (Sparky)

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And once again, the Grand Council has rejected my proposal and upheld the Equal Opportunity Act.

"Prejudice is not welcome in the workplace."

Katie Sparks (Sparky)

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Mmmm cupcakes :) I could use a red velvet today!
"It isn't a matter of CHOICE; it's a matter of WILL."
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