Tasty aloe vera drink and coffee trees in Amsterdam during the last World Cup

Tasty aloe vera drink and coffee trees in Amsterdam during the last World Cup, and Jane Petty Gracijus Ivanauskas of Nemira Liaugaudaite and Lithuania met Iris Tea Company. She told them about the work of his company car market in Lithuania.

Iris is to "translate and tasty aloe vera drink and herbs as medicinal plants. Six years ago, represents the work of the marketing company of all creation, the company now has 35 employees and a package (80) or a mixture so varieties of herbs simple and mixed the plant is used to start, quickly is already sold this tea Lithuania mixed with several other companies, suitable for cars and machines and was also working clearly used in herbal tea, iris decided to focus on the varieties black like items women then began the last three years, scientists (in another world such statements) magazines and newspapers, information, masineunneun the car for the health benefits support car to choose a healthy option such companies tasty aloe vera drink with green tea recently added was operated in the range.

While coming from China and other parts of Asia Green Tea Black Iris is supplied in India and Sri Lanka. Mixed primary and supplied in the Netherlands. List of Ceylon tasty aloe vera drink are included in the current mix, the mix of bergamot flavor in plant English Breakfast blend, harmony of life normal and Earl Grey. What consumers are bergamot, but the company seems to like the idea that it is the right time to introduce this consistently popular car in Lithuania, so the flavor. Customers did not seem to get the flavor list summarizes the mix now includes lemon, lime, lemon, black currant, strawberry, apricot.

iris products, but mainly used in supermarkets, and in some specialty coffee shop. The company has its own teabags in the near future, of course, is expected to be used for food service. Competition is not about 20% of each market and has Uma Lipton comes from other national and international companies. As with a number of companies specializing in the iris of flavors blend.


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