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Neuroscientists at the University of Cambridge, a hotbed of medical 3D printing technology, have arrived at a method of printing new cells onto cells extracted from the eyes of rats, and they say this novel technique may well lead to artificial tissue grafts which might halt oncoming blindness.

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Introduction to Occlusion

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Dear Attendee, 

Join Indiamedical.TV LIVE and INTERACTIVE with #hangoutsonair     on "History of Indian Neurosurgery by Dr. Suryapratap Singh Chief India Representative INDIA MEDICAL.TV" in an hour.


The development of Neurosurgery in India during the past 67 years has almost paralleled the achievements of the country in “67 years of freedom”.  
How few general surgeons performing neurosurgery today have all heads as medical and basic sciences department, considered neurosurgery, neurology and its ancillaries - neuroradiology, neuropathology, neurophysiology and neurochemistry irrelevant under the circumstances.

Topics to be included:
>Neurosurgery in ancient medical literature
>Early pioneers of neurosurgery in india
>Emergence of neurosurgery as an independent speciality
>Development of neurosurgery in different parts of the country
>The birth of neurological society of india
>Indian contributions to neurosurgery
>Neurosurgical residency training
>Current Scenario

+Surya pratap 
Indian Neuro Trauma Spine Surgeon

+ankit kadvani 
+John Bennett 

 As usual webcast - just like any other #googlehangoutonair   - recorded automatically on YouTube so it should be fine to take part in our chat through my YouTube channel.

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