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Miocene aged silicified Scleractinian coral from Indonesia for #FossilFriday .

I posted this as myself rather than +Fossil Friday because I'll be adding this to my Abstracts and Patterns (Nature) album.

Whole Miocene aged coral reefs have been preserved with surprisingly intricate detail at various spots in Indonesia.

Volcanic activity in the area during the Miocene dumped huge amounts of ash rich in silicon dioxide into surrounding seas and produced conditions perfect for the replacement of the coral's calcium carbonate skeleton with sometimes brightly coloured silica.

  Also for #EarthPatternSaturday curated by +Annette Gretler and +Beat Gretler 
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Yes those are diamond saw blade marks +Fernando Rodriguez!  This stuff is very hard and takes an exceptional polish!  I picked this slice up precisely because of the cool patterns!  :D

Thanks +Miss M!  I didn't even know about #EarthPatternSaturday !  I'll have to tag the photo for that theme!  :D
Thanks +Ping Doherty!  I never really looked at it that way but you're right!  You should see these when they're red or green-blue!  Absolutely spectacular!
+Dan Bowden , I bet this one in colour is breath taking. And I am partial to green-blue.;)  My sister is a zoologist and a diver. So she will love this too. :) 
My pleasure +Beat Gretler!  If I had known about #EarthPatternSaturday earlier I would have posted more of my stone abstracts/patterns!  I'll re-share some that I've already shared for #StoneSaturday though!  :D

The ones coloured red are particularly stunning +Ping Doherty!  I don't have any of the gree-blue ones but I'll keep an eye open for some!  Is your sister here on G+?
+Dan Bowden - glad you like our new theme, - looking forward to your further submissions to it :o) - have a nice weekend.
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