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Oscar Nicholson
Knowledge is my reward Sir!
Knowledge is my reward Sir!

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Videos not working after Windows 10 upgrade HP DV6-xxxx AMD
Ok, this was really bothering me. I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10, and wouldn't you know it, some videos would work, and others would not in Edge and Chrome browsers. Couldn't figure it out. Stumbled across this page and this solved my problems. It ...

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How to Fix Error 80240020 While Installing Windows 10 Free Upgrade
Just a really quick potential fix for others having this issue,its quite simple. If you are noticing this happening: Then you are like me, and Windows 10 free upgrade is not working. Here is the solution I used. Go to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Downloa...

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Dell Poweredge 1950 Import Foreign Configuration Strike F1
This could mean a few things, a drive has failed and you inserted a new drive, hopefully it was a raid other than 0 right? Or it could also be that an issue happened on a reboot and all you need to do is import the foreign configuration. During POST Boot to...

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Office 2010 Error 1935
Wow! This error was a persistent error. Tried so many things to fix this. Uninstalled .net, ran a uninstall cleaner, ran a registry cleaner(three different ones) and nothing worked! I finally came across a very helpful post, Google searched Office 2010 Erro...

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DCPROMO fails with: 'Failed to configure the service NETLOGON as requested' Server 2003
We have been working with a client on getting rid of the 2003 domain controllers. Came across one domain controller that wouldn't demote. Ran dcpromo and got this: The operation failed because: Failed to configure the service NETLOGON as requested The reaso...

Have three invites. First three to respond get them. Thanks.

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How to: Server 2008R2 RDS Re-Arm for another 120 days.
You know, sometimes you just couldn't get that budget request in to get those RDS licenses ordered and installed. It happens, especially is this day in age. I searched everywhere on how to re-arm the trail for RDS, to no avail! All the answers I saw were, r...

Sorry mark you never got back to me. Got an invite that expires at 5:30am. First to respond gets it.

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My goodness, +Ron Amadeo is ruthless haha
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