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Xiaomi mi note pro Leo
There's a lot of issues with the camera (crash when swap to video)
And Facebook, messenger and Snapchat can't be launched.
Also navigator keep asking for connection to my Google account but don't seem to synchronised.

Hi, my question may seem stupid (I don't know shit about theme creation :-D), but have you considered about making a liv MIUI theme?

I may move to MIUI soon and I'll really miss the look of liv.

Hi, just wanted to know if it's normal that resurrection remix is so slow on my mi note pro?
It gave me 30000 on AnTuTu whereas I have 80000 with mokee rom.

And I also have problems with Snapchat and Facebook that just can't start.


Hi, is there any marshmallow update planned for mi note pro?

And I have a little question, as it's a dual sim device that make you choose for the color of the sim card the cyanogenmod themes don't apply colors related to sim card (when you call a contact for example), if there's any update planned is that possible to make possible to apply it? I know it's a small detail but but I'm kind of pernickety about details :-D

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Hi, I'm now on a xiaomi mi note pro on mokee ROM, it's a dual sim device on which you can choose the color of the sim card you use, which mean for the calling app that the color is not themed.
Is there a way you theme that for dualsim devices?

Also the logo mokee on the options if not themed.

Hi, I downloaded the last cyanogenmod 13 release today and the calculator is not themed anymore,icon and inapp....

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Hi, just to say that there is still this little thing you forgot to themed.😂

Also, i know you said to not post icon request cause you just do thé system icon, but i think the clock should be part of it no?

Love your work😉

Hi,is it normal my dialer don't look like the dialer on the screenshot?

Also the status bar is still blue on the emergency call or Google now parameter.

But very nice theme btw...

Hi, first I wanted to say that liv is the prettiest theme I ever seen for cm, that was great on cm11 and much better on cm12 (the only theme I bought without hesitating whereas I take others on aptoide).

But I wondered if the numbers on the dialer of the cm12 version would stay black, cause they was pink on cm11 and think it was much better...

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