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When opening the Android app, if my Nexus 5 ( KTU84P unrooted) is oriented upside down, the app opens 180-degree rotated.  If I open the app in any other orientation, it will not enter 180-degree rotated view from another view.  I'm not sure if it's possible to prevent entering 180-degree upon app open depending on if it's a phone or tablet, or if this could be a toggle in the settings somewhere.

On my Nexus 10 (also KTU84P unrooted), both the launcher and app work on all four orientations, so I'm thinking this is a phone-versus-tablet thing?  


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It's about time.
Boy Scouts to accept openly gay youth starting in January. Policy had been divisive when approved in May, but one BSA leader says there 'hasn't been a whole lot of fallout'

Got my +Leap Motion Controller today in the mail, tested it out on Mountain Lion and on Windows 7, and it performs quite well.  I am very impressed.  I hope we start seeing this kind of hardware embedded in mobile devices and laptops.

Imagine what we could see if they and +Wacom Americas joined forces!

I'm actually liking this Macbook Pro...simple and elegant...but oh my God I miss some features from Windows.

Paid for breakfast at Peet's today with +Google Wallet...and was really simple and easy, and no paper receipt to have to dispose of later.

I wonder if the +Leap Motion controller would support sign language gestures?

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I am trying to get my +Nexus 10 to acept input from a Logitech Unifying Receiver through a USB OTG adapter and so far have had no luck in getting the +Nexus to recognize anything across the OTG adapter.  I know the adapter itself works as I have tested it to function with my +Samsung Galaxy Nexus with the Logitech receiver.  Any ideas out there?

The RPi is my first foray into a Linux environment, so I'm a little out of my depth.  I have the Model B and a 1A PSU, an 8GB class 4 mSDHC, a Logitech keyboard and mouse on a Unifying receiver, and a Western Digital 1TB drive.  I have a powered 4-port hub as well if I need more peripherals, like a possible WiFi adapter (Ralink RT5370).

My goal is to get familiar with Linux and more specifically Raspbian, and hopefully get a NAS going to share to both my Windows machines as well as three Androids and a Mac.  I have flashed the SD card to the 2012-12-16 wheezy available on their site, and completed the basic setup as detailed on their quick-start...and don't know where to go next.  I want to get a domain controller going inside my network but may go with a Windows-based DC simply due to familiarity and speed, but if the Pi can do it then I don't have to buy/build a server box.
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