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IF I FIX YOU by Abigail Johnson
Today I am an
aunt. Sort of. A book aunt, if you will. And I couldn’t be more excited. My critique
partner Abigail Johnson’s debut, If I Fix You , releases today, and I remember
so vividly how I felt three years ago when my own debut released. But watching

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It's October--my favorite month! Reclaimed  opens in October and debuted in October, so what better way to celebrate all things October than with an October ebook sale? (Wonder if I could work October in one more time?) For a limited time, you can get the K...

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On Hemingway and Hope
I fell in love
with reading at a very young age and was so excited when I got to high school
and was required to read novels for English. I loved every book assigned—except
one. The Old Man and the Sea and I
did not get along. Ernest
Hemingway’s Pulitzer-pr...

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Banned Books Week
I write a banned
books post every year. Weeks ago I wrote a reminder in my planner to get it
written so that I would be able to post it the first day of Banned Books Week.
Here it is Tuesday, and I got nothing. Know why? Because I’ve already written about w...

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Run Your Own Race
  I’ll never forget watching the Women’s 2004 Olympic
Marathon. It was the first Olympic marathon I’d ever seen, and it was even more
special to me as I had run my first marathon not long before. I got up early
that morning to watch it live. Two of my runni...

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Don't Quit Your Day Job
I need routine. Crave it. Thrive under it. I’m a teacher, so
one would think that I would get so much writing done in the summers. One would
be wrong. I do get plenty of writing done in the summers—some summers
more than others. But I find that my writing i...

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As my summer is approaching its end (seriously, I go back
to school in two weeks), I thought I’d share what I learned from my social
media break. I’m happier when I’m productive. I already knew this, but I
needed reminding just how much this really affects ...

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RECLAIMED playlist
It was brought to my attention that the link to the  Reclaimed playlist is broken, so I am re-posting it here. Listen in Spotify. Welcome Home – Radical Face I listened to this album on
repeat while working on RECLAIMED, so just hearing this song pulls me i...

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The Summer of Disconnect
I’ve decided to conduct an experiment this summer. I’m
disconnecting (or attempting to) from social media and deleting many of my apps and seeing just
what kind, if any, of a difference that makes in my mental health and
productivity. I love Twitter. I’ve m...

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"You Can't Add Awesome"
Copies of RECLAIMED revisions. The beginning of my writing life was spent in isolation. I
didn’t know any other writers, and I was not on Twitter or Facebook. This was
both a blessing and a curse. The good part about this was that I worked on my
craft. I wr...
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