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#ifihadglass A Glass authoring environment that allows the wearer to enter geolocated data via audio, speech or video. Coupled with a desktop editing suite this would allow the creation of fictional (Think mystery fiction) or non-fictional (museum programs, travel guides, archaelogical site tours, etc.) content for other Glass users.

#ifihadglass A cooking app that would maintain kitchen inventory via product recognition, do conversion, map meat cuts onto primals for butchery, store and recite recipe steps, maintain and tabulate shopping lists as items are placed in cart, demonstrate cooking techniques via video, etc.

#ifihadglass A Glass app for construction engineers that pulls and displays blueprints/construction plans, zoning records, digsafe, and other stored database content for excavation and construction. Excavator operators would be empowered to dig with more confidence by having more information at their "eyetips". This concept could be expanded to many of the other construction trades- carpentry, plumbing, etc.

The same app could also serve as a surveying sight and display differences in grade, etc. from a marked points. "Glass, set point A" "Glass, set point B" "Glass, display slope information".
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