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TESDA to Conduct National TVET and Jobs Fair 2018
To support the
objective of TESDA to open opportunities to anyone who wants to land a job
easily, the agency will be conducting National TVET and Jobs Fair. The Technical
Vocational Education and Training is one of the programs of TESDA offered to
those ind...
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Tesda Agricultural Crops Production NC II – Learn skills in planting, growing, and harvesting
Many foreign
countries were hiring farm workers, but they also require the applicants to
have the necessary skills. In the Philippines, TESDA offers Agricultural Crops Production
NC II to those individuals who plan to work abroad as farm workers. This short...
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TESDA Courses Technical Drafting NC II
Anyone who wants to learn skills in drafting
architectural detail and layout should consider enrolling technical drafting in TESDA . The good thing about this short course is that the student can earn
National Certification II that can be used when applying...
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Learning New Skills in Graphic Design Through TESDA
Are you
interested in visual graphic design? This is one of the short courses offered
by TESDA in which students can get certified in just a short period of
training. Enrolling in
this short course will give opportunity to learn new skills in graphic design...
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Guide on TESDA Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Services NC II
and Air Conditioning Servicing is one of the most sought job both local and
abroad. This is the reason why TESDA have been offering a short course known as
RAC Servicing NC II to help interested individuals who want to find a job even
without ...
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TESDA Medical Transcription NC II – Program Overview
transcription is considered to be a profession. It’s because no one can do the
job unless he or she has the skills and experience. The good thing
is that TESDA is offering Medical Transcription NC II program that will prepare
students to become skil...
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TESDA Pipefitting NC II Course Learning the Skills of Fixing the Piping System
Pipefitting is one of the most-sought job here and abroad that offers
high salary and compensation. It seems to be a tedious job, but once you learn
the skills it would be a lot easier to carry out the job. One of the surest way to learn the skills is to en...
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Top 10 In-demand TESDA Vocational Courses for 2018
Filipinos are known for versatility in carrying out different kinds of
works. This is the reason why Filipinos are most-sought workers even in foreign
lands not only for professional jobs, but also for blue-collar jobs. If you want to work abroad it makes s...
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Find a Career Opportunity with TESDA Commercial Cooking NC II
Cooking is part of our everyday life and it serves for different
purposes either for self-benefits or for business. Definitely, we all know how
to cook, but the skills in preparing and cooking different menus are limited. The good news is that TESDA is open...
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How to Avail the TESDA Food Processing Course NC II
TESDA offers a lot of technical-vocational course that can be the key
for an entry-level job both locally and overseas. Food processing course is one
of the food-related courses offered in many schools accredited by TESDA . This course involves food handlin...
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