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Google+ international community:  THE WORLD outside EU / North America G+ helpers circle

I need your help!

I'm collecting circles of people we could recommend the newcomers to follow, for Google+ tips and helpful posts.

This is the  *Rest of the world*  circle with only a handful of people now.

Please recommend a person or a page that you can be sure to be there for the newcomers and post about Google+ every now and then...
Profile image, filled profile and real name, please.  Safe for work content.  PUBLIC posts!  No politics or religious standpoints.

Let's make Google+ a welcoming place for the newcomers!

EDIT: +Jens Graikowski moved to Europe circle.

European circle is here:

USA & Canada:

I started this quest with very strict requirements: Google+ content at least a few times per week. But that is not going to happen or the circles only would have 10 people in them...  :-)  But still I'd like to have folks who really do know about the platform, can answer questions and are ready to help.
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Originally shared by ****
If you can, give everyone in this circle a blowjob and you'll do a lot better on G+

You think I got 5 thousand followers by posting interesting material?  Think about it you guys....  I'm a slut  

When I wakeup I go to this circle and check my paypal account to see if I can send them anything over the internet
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Circle 2/10 - Dog Lovers Worldwide
this is the "Second of ten new circles" of the Page and Group
"Dog Lovers Worldwide"  +Dog Lovers Worldwide - DLW
The next circles will be published and shared as soon as possible!
If you are a real "DOG LOVER" and if you want to be included in the next circle, then please give here +1 and a short comment and share this circle publicly in your stream (Conditions and rules)!
Important: If you are included in this Circle, please give +1 and share this circle necessarily in your public stream, so that you are also included in the next circle round. Anyone who does not share, is not included in the next Circle-Round. This is only one of our fair rules!

Notice: A page on GOOGLE+ cannot add you to their circles, if you didn't add the page before! This is a rule of Google+, not our rule!

+Manuel Votta  - +Dolly the Boston Buddha  - +Rinus Bakker 
+Heidi Anne Morris  - +Star Rush  - +10000 Photographers around the World 
+Louisa Catharine Forsyth  - +Simply Arlie - +Carina Marsh 
+Agnieszka Dąbrowska  - +Fabio Bucchieri  - +Marketta Aaltonen 
+BIRD LOVERS Worldwide  - +Michelle Graham  - +Don Kipp 
+Alexis Coram  - +Estella Delvoix  - +CJ Cox  - +Melissa Penta 
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South Africans Created Their On Google+ SUL (Second Edition)

After many complaints about the Google+ suggested user list +Mike Elgan suggested countries create their own suggested user lists for Newbies. 

With the support of many South Africans I have created an active list of Google+ South Africans. I mean active.

Not dead profiles. I checked them. I know many of them. 

I am not saying that I have them all. But it's a start. I will accept more. We'll go to a 100. Tops. Not more. Then I will ask +CircleCount to give me the top 100 every second week.

The plan is:

1) You also play game and share this circle ;-) 

2) Ask your circles to add and share it again.

3) Please nominate people who are active and not on the circle. Or nominate yourself; if you are active ;-)

4) If you are on the circle but not interested in sharing it please let me know and I'll remove you. 

BTW: One reason I am keeping this to a 100 or less is I can notify you. If you don't like the notifications please tell me.

Have fun in the winter sun.

P.S. Well done to one of the great South African Supporters of the SA SUL Circle:

+Michael Cowen even added a link to the circle to his about page. That's a kinda guy I like to have in my circles. 
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General Science Circle Updated 6/10 (Profiles Only)
Please note that this will be the last General Science circle (i.e., we have exceeded the 500 person limit for shared circles), and +Allison Sekuler+Chris Robinson+Fraser Cain, +Rajini Rao, and +Robby Bowles are not included in the shared circle. Help keep #sciencesunday   trending by sharing this circle with your friends!

If you have a science related degree, you are a science journalist, you are a K-12 science teacher, or you curate a science page, then add your profile/page to the database ( Please note that you also have to circle +Science on Google+: A Public Database if you would like to be considered for shared circles.

View underlying database:
View most recent shared circles:

#sciencesunday #science #publiccircles  
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Google+ Tip: Getting more interaction on your posts via Targeted circle

Do you know with Google+ you can notify up to 100 people simultaneously? This feature has the great potential to boost engagement on your posts if you use it wisely. So here is how you can use this feature.
Step1: Start sharing awesome content.
Step2: List your important posts.
Mine Are:
Bringing Traffic to Google+ Via Other social networking websites.. >
40+ Reasons Why Google+ is better. >
Step3: Ask your followers if they are interested in receiving notification from you (Do let me know if you are interested in this circle).
Step4: Share this circle and tag +Best Shared Circle +The Best Circles on Google+ +Reshare +Shared a Circle with you +Shared Circles Shared a Circle with You +SharedCircles etc.

Now send notification only about your important posts and enjoy the healthy conversation on your posts.
O #Googleplustips #Gplustips #sharedcircle #Googleplus #circlesharing O
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Top 10 Indian Profiles on Google+ according to +CircleCount..
(excluding celebrities, cricketers and spammers..)

View the complete list on CircleCount here

Circle Members:
1. +Sumit Sen : Birder, sometime banker, conservationist, author and wildlife photographer.
2. +Nithin Prabhakar : Director of Photography
3. +Neeta Tolani Googler
4. +neha singh : A photography enthusiast.
5. +Rahul Roy : Me
6. +Mahendra Palsule : Editor at Techmeme
7. +Jamie Furlong : Photographing my way around the world eastwards on a boat -
8. +Saurabh Sharma : Product Manager Google
9. +Sangeeth VS : Photography Enthusiast
10. +Mahesh Murthy : Marketer: Founder Pinstorm. Venture capitalist: Founder, Seedfund. Traveler. Columnist

Thanks to +Rinus Bakker for asking...
O #sharedcircle #circlesharing +The Best Circles on Google+ +Best Shared Circle +Shared Circles Shared a Circle with You +Shared a Circle with you O
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Monday sucks, let's face it...

So here are 100 people on G+ that will make your day a little more awesome. If you are having a bad case of the Mondays, here is a shared circle of mixed interests and topics that will liven up your stream.
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Small Business circle 2 of 2

Hello small business peeps! I'm a small biz person and naturally I want to connect with other small biz owners. I really feel we all have so much to share with each other and to learn from one another as we navigate this world called Google+ that provides us with so many great tools and resources to support our small biz efforts. I also think it's a good thing to support each other, and lift each other up as we work towards our goals. So I've been collecting small biz people and shared small biz & entrepreneurs circles, because those are the people I most want in my own circles, to follow, to connect with, and to support. I have 700+ small bizzes in my circle, so I've split it into two circles to share with you. This is #2 of the 2.

Let's hear it for small business!

Btw, speaking of supporting small bizzes, I host a TGIF Biz Networking Hangout every Friday at 4pm pst, now a Hangout on Air. It is a chance to give yourself and your biz a little promo, and I feature special guests who are small biz owners and who have all kinds of good advice and info to share with other small biz owners. Please check my profile for more info or to watch last Friday's episode, where we talked about QR codes and great ideas for how to use them, and also talked about the value of keeping content fresh on your blogs and web sites, and when and why to blog, or not to blog.

#smallbusiness #entrepreneur #sharedcircles +CircleCount +Shared Circles Shared a Circle with You +Shared a Circle with you
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Europe calling: the old giant wakes up and calls on its peeps!
now that Europe shows up as the largest continent on G+ self awareness goes up and initiatives to get together flourish.
It all started this Monday with my request to post your country if you were European. I offered to circle the first 500 who would do so without any obligation to circle back. Result: we needed a part2 as we hit the 500 comments limit.

The original post was shared 225 times. You can find it here:
Part 2 is still open and can be found here:
If you didn´t do so already, post there and as long as I have spots free, I will circle you as I want to see my streams come alive during European hours.

There was a shared feeling that it would be great to get some attention from G+ for Europe with official hangouts from the community managers during European times, feature roll-outs from Google no longer restricted to the US, having some central point to share European circles and last but not least the desire to have hangouts without having to burn the midnight oil.

To help solve this and get Europeans together on the same page I created +Europeans on G+ It already has three managers out of the community but feel to offer a bit of your time as it must be a community project. Circle the page if you didn´t already do so. The first post can be found here:

The community of Europeans responded and we got the following new initiatives:

An compilation of the who is who in the EU countries:
The Euro 200 Circle by +Euro Maestro
Who are the most followed in Europe ? Who have the highest Klout score ? This circle helps to answer those questions. This is sort of a Who's Who list of Europe.

Next the even more exclusive circle of the most followed Europeans from all over Europe as compiled by me thanks to assistance of +CircleCount the best profiler site there is and they happen to be European as well :)
The Euro Top 50 Circle: Europeans with the largest follower count
No pages, just people based in geographic Europe who were already famous or got their followers through relentless efforts on G+

An attempt to crowd source the most valuable Europeans on and for G+ by +Gabriel Vasile
You can still cast your votes there.

And as promised the most important circle: you, the people!
The very first shared circle of 500 Europeans who got into action on my call out on Monday.
The last thing we want is a small elite running this place so we need more peeps from all over Europe to participate and enjoy G+

I hope this post can do the rounds through Europe and gets us firmly on the G+ map. So even if you´re not European yourself, but sympathize with the initiatives to form a community here, help spread the word and share it.

And don´t forget: we all love the other continents and most of us have circles which encompass the whole world. So it´s not against others, but pro us :)

If you got this through a share this link will bring you back to the discussion:
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