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An example of the granular looper I made for the Livid Code. I'll include the patch in when part three of this series is posted.’-code/
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+Matthew Davidson very cool... I fear it would become another "I have to have this" tool that enables my already rampant creative procrastination, though. :-)
The Working With Hardware feature is planned to be a quarterly thing. I don't know what the next thing will be yet.
I was playing with pfft this weekend. There is so much I don't know.
So cool! I don't have the Livid Code, I sold off my Ohm64, but I do have the Block, and being able to use Max with it would be a plus.
If the block is anything like the buttons on the code I think working with it would be fairly easy in Max.
It seems to be bog-standard MIDI. Treat the buttons like note events, etc. I need to assign more of my free time to this stuff.
+Brian McNett Yup. Same as the code. The buttons are just note events, easy as pie. The encoders/LEDs are a bit trickier, but I came up with a 'decoupled code' patch that can be used. At that point, it is simple as connecting a patch cord from a value to an input or output.
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