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Skeery Jones
Radio's nationally syndicated Elvis Duran & the Morning Show
Radio's nationally syndicated Elvis Duran & the Morning Show

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I'm in Para. Para. Paradise.

I'm hanging out at Sleepy's in Linden, NJ and handing out Z100 tshirts, DVDs, and prizes while supplies last. Til 2pm. Come by!

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LOOK at this ominous sky over Gotham City...and right on cue, my DIRECTV goes out!

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At these all day corporate suit meetings and seminars at the iHeartRadio Theatre & all of a sudden Aerosmith barge in to play trax from their new album! THIS is why I love radio.

Funny. My GPS can't find "Rack City."

With the morning show at the Staten Island Zoo. They're having a BBQ...hopefully none of the wildlife have been sacrificed. 

Walked up to fancy Italian restaurant with no reservation & Maitre D' asked me to "put on this pair of slacks" over my shorts if I wanted to eat there! Meanwhile, it was 5pm on a Sunday in 95 degree heat and the place was empty!

No AC in your restaurant on a night like this? I'm walkin' out. Just close down for the night rather than let your customers suffer.

Sometimes I type phrases into Google just to see it autocomplete, cluing me in on what people are searching for. Try: "Is it true" 

And suddenly with Apple's announcement today of the new MacBook Pro & iOS 6 my 1 year old computer looks like a Commodore 64.
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