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After some time we want to introduce the new Diaro beta with a redesigned Dropbox sync using files, a faster Diaro Online and highly improved Diaro apps for Android and iOS and would like to invite you to test it.

Try Diaro Online BETA:

Download Diaro app beta version for Android here:

To download Diaro app beta version for iOS, contact us at support@pixelcrater.com.

Please note that these Diaro app beta versions work only with Diaro Online BETA.
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How does the converting of old data work? And how is the data encryted?
All data from Dropbox Datastore will synced to files and encrypted with AES256.
what version on Android is the beta? what features are missing in the web version (it says that before logging into the beta client)?
edit: got the update!
is there a changelog for the web version?
Great! Everything works and i really appreciate the new features (saving on sd card). Same problem with sync: sometime the app goes on loop (but i found every entry was synchronized on Diaro beta online). 
A really cool feature would be to have it sync with Google Calendar. Any chance of this happening soon?
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