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Become Diaro Android app tester to try and test the latest Diaro beta version.
1. Join Diaro app beta testing Google+ community: https://plus.google.com/communities/111612488322122955872
2. Follow the instructions to opt-in: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.pixelcrater.Diaro

Don't forget to backup your data before every update!
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I use your PRO App version, and LOVE being able to have everything... plain notes, poetry, shprt stories, copies of novel manuscripts, especially being able to share Diaro content not only between itself on various devices... but to also be capable of sharing works from Diaro that backups prove my Ownership of said content along with other Apps soing the same sent to my agent... but i can grab a .zip off the cloud and work on it in my screenplay app or other editing app... and then put it right back up to the cloud and to again have it for updrading between Diaro on devices afterwards.
I would LOVE IT, and be willing to buy a PRO version, if you also came out with an App that Copyrights © your material for you for a small fee through an in app area to the United States and Intl. Copyright office, as well as possibly United States and International Registration and Trademarking in app areas.

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Julie Wendele ™
Please forgive Auto Incorrectness, and any Grammatical errors. I am breaking in a new device.
I can't update my version to the beta version, I haven't got the option in GooglePlay :/
This is odd, I have a Note 4 and mine is the full version. It shows that the App is installed, but not showing up as a Beta version. Please remedy?
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