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Truth or Dare (Nerve Movie Preview)
Do you dare to take this challenge without a truth but only dare to win CASH $$$ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I , Benjamin challenge you to touch your tongue with ...

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Cafe hunt: Non Entrée Dessert Cafe
 Yeah, Great, Exam Has Ended and its time to celebrate for the stress and tears I had for my exam. So I and my friends decided to do some Dessert shop shopping and we came across a shop name: Non-Entrée  Dessert Cafe sound like a classic European dessert, p...

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It's a COCONUT day
Here in Singapore , at the hearts of the central Business District area near the Marina Bay Sand , DBS did manage to create the urban pop-up beach to showcase many different types of activities.  Have you thought that you can actually host a real beach life...

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Finally done with blogging haha

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A fool to the 19 star
Oh, Great finally I'm 19 ,  oh god  I'm  feeling so old already  -_- Anyway happy belated birthday to me and happy birthday to the march and April babies  Hmm have you ever thought of getting a birthday cake without going down to the bakery and also try sho...

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A taste of one tradition master.
 Hmmmmm, I always remember that when I was young dated back to 2000. My grandparent would always bring my out to a coffeehouse in Singapore and they would always order tradition bread toast with kaya ( Coconut egg jam) with butter it goes well with two hard...

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Newcation at Parkroyal on pIckering street (Singapore)
5.......4.......3......2......1 Happy New Year and say goodbye to 2015 and let's welcome 2015 Hey guys welcome back to 2016 , it's a New Year which means it's a new change for a better place and also for a new post on my blog.  *Hope everyone enjoyed your c...

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Tick Tock Tick Tock Guess who is behind the Dock.
What has hands but no arms and a face but no eyes with a Rotating  Bezel   ?     Hmmmm A Computer? Nope! What the Hell how does a Computer has a hand HAHAHA Hmmm I Give Up  HAHAHAHA wait... It's a Watch  Wrong! It's the all new Galaxy Gear S2 with the rotat...

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The Next is Now , Now till ever
Dear Reader ,                      If you are reading this mean's you are about to enter the next phase of life into a new world with lot of possible imagination and thought's which we can't stop cause turn down for what?  Nah I was just kidding on the firs...

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A Golden Coloured Jubilee Month for Singapore.
Mari kita rakyat Singapura Sama-sama menuju bahagia Cita-cita kita yang mulia Berjaya Singapura    Oh hi , didn't see you there. Sorry was humping the our country national anthem. The Song is title  Majulah Singapura You will be wondering what language is t...
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