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Born to be alive! Smile to be different. Work hard.
Born to be alive! Smile to be different. Work hard.

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I was passing by and thought lets make some changes.

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Ok i get it diaspora is a mix of facebook and google plus with a twist of twitter.

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I really like the effect on images.

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I am in love with You should be too.

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(Tue10) Post-it Notes tribute to Steve Jobs at the Munich Apple store.

4001 post-its for Steve Jobs

Hat tip to +Scott Beale

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Added: Here's a great web page that discusses many of the highlights of Ice Cream Sandwich:

I live-plussed Google and Samsung's Android event. Here are the high-order bits:
- It's called the Galaxy Nexus and it runs Android 4.0, called Ice Cream Sandwich or ICS.
- It has NFC, an LED, and a barometer. :)
- ICS has a completely new font called Roboto, designed for HD, high-res screens.
- The Galaxy Nexus has no buttons. That helps to unify ICS with tablets, I'm guessing.
- Widgets are now resizeable.
- Folders are now as simple as dragging and dropping icons on top of each other.
- Woohoo! ICS gets easy screenshots. Just press volume-down and power.
- It's easy to flick notifications out of the way. This really takes notifications to the next level. You can also reach notifications from the lock screen.
- We just a demo of real, natural speech input with pauses as the person thinks. This will be pretty huge.
- ICS also introduces a way to unlock your phone with your face.
- You can save a page in the browser for off-line viewing (e.g. for boarding passes).
- Demo of Gmail app. A new "action bar" shows the buttons for common actions.
- You can swipe to move through inbox just like you can swipe away notifications.
- Demo of Calendar app. The same swiping gesture works. You can pinch in or out.
- New feature: data usage. You can set warnings or hard caps. You can slice/dice by day and see which apps used the most data. You can then disable background data for individual apps.
- You can access the camera right from the the lock screen. Sharing photos is ~1 click. You can tap on the screen to focus. Looks like you can take photos really fast.
- Built-in photo editor where you can apply filters. Gallery app has magazine-style look. You can also slice by people or geographic locations.
- Nice demo of automatic panoramas got applause. Trust me, this is a feature you'll like.
- Video snapshots let you take pictures while you're recording videos--just click on the screen.

- Contact details are pulled automatically from networks when you're connected to people. You can swipe to the right to see recent updates from that person.
- Contact card: Any app can plug into them. You can click on a person in e.g. Gmail and see ways to reach them.
- New open APIs for integrating into visual voicemail. You can speed up voicemail playback.
- When someone calls, you can swipe up to send from a personalized set of canned texts.

New feature: Android Beam draws applause. You just hold your phone up to your friend's phone and touch to "beam" and it sends the same video or map to your friend's phone. If you're running an app, it will send you to that app in the Android Market. Nice. APIs will be available for developers.

The Galaxy Nexus goes on sale in November, but SDKs are available now on
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