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Wendell Pulsipher
God, Jesus Christ, Family, Music, Technology
God, Jesus Christ, Family, Music, Technology

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5 More Truths About Christianity Most People Aren't Aware Of
This is a sequel to the first 5 truths about Christianity I wrote about back in October.  The last one was written by pointing out misconceptions and then clarifying the truth about them, so I'll follow the same format here.  This time I hope to go over som...

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Answering the Futurist: Question 2
Mr. Frey, here is answer to question #2: "Why do logic and reason fail to explain that which is true?" (read my answer to question 1 here ) It can be found collectively in at least a few places.  Isaiah 55:8-9, "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neithe...

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Answering the Futurist. Question 1
There is an article written by someone called the Futurist Speaker that I found recently who posed 10 of what he termed as "Unanswerable Questions".  To the atheist community perhaps they are unanswerable, but anyone who reads this blog regularly knows I ma...

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Overcoming Pornography - 5 Virtues That Will Help You Beat It
I left a review on the Porn Harms page on facebook in March 2017 that said "Don't listen to all the naysayers who dismiss the dangers of pornography. They're the ones who are too afraid to admit they are addicted to it and that it's ruining their lives. Thi...

Tonight, 1984 years ago, our Lord entered the Garden of Gethsemane to confront the crushing infinite weight of the forces of evil and our sins, weaknesses, flaws, pains, disappointments and losses. I am forever thankful for His willingness make such a sacrifice for me and everyone I love so that I have a chance at peace in this life and in the next.

As Tad R. Callister said:
“He took upon him infinite suffering, but chose to defend with only mortal faculties, with but one exception – his godhood was summoned to hold off unconsciousness and death (i.e., the twin relief mechanisms of man) that would otherwise overpower a mere mortal when he reached his threshold of pain. For the Savior there would be no such relief. His divinity would be called upon, not to immunize him from pain, but to enlarge the receptacle that would hold it. He simply brought a larger cup to hold the bitter drink.”
#easter #princeofpeace

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Easter - The Bunny or the Beloved Son?
What's the most celebrated holiday?  Christmas, right?  Well, not in all parts of the world or in all cultures, of course, but generally speaking.  Everyone sees or catches in some way the Spirit of Christmas that time of year, or, more accurately the Spiri...

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April 1 and 2, Noon - 2 and 4pm-6pm EST (Toronto)
Watch and enjoy!
The times on the picture in this entry are for last year

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The Song of the Righteous: Part 10 - Finale
For the finale of my 10 part Songs of the Righteous series I want try and take something that seems overused and make it exciting again.  I know that often times we as mortals tend to get bored when something is heavily repeated, but careful observation of ...
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