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"While I was designing this game [Pac-Man], someone suggested we add eyes. But we eventually discarded that idea because once we added eyes, we would want to add glasses and maybe a moustache. There would just be no end to it."

—Toru Iwatani, but clearly channelling Roger

In case you're wondering, yes, this is a new sweater. I’m experimenting with buying decent-quality clothes, rather than cleaving to Sainsbury’s Tu collection for my whole life. My initial findings weren’t encouraging: Marks & Spencer sweaters turn out to cost significantly more than my usual brand. But will they last longer? Check back in five weeks for the answer.

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Hey hey. If you want to sign up for Barracuda's new Dropbox competitor that gives you 15GB of free storage, please use my referral link below and then we'll both get an extra 5GB of storage. 

I mean, that can't be bad, right?

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I guess it’s time to reveal my top secret project…

Click below to download The Weekender EP!

The Weekender EP contains five new songs, written and recorded by me as a solo project over the past three weekends. I haven’t worried too much about mastering and polishing them to studio standards: that’s not what this is about. This is my Weekender EP, and I hope you enjoy it.

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Just written my first reference to 2012 as "last year".

Terminal C at Newark Airport affords a glorious view over Jersey City and across the skyline of downtown Manhattan. You can sit in the lounge and – thanks to the relative location of JFK Airport – watch planes appear to fly into the partially completed One World Trade Center building all day long.

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If you’re in Central London this weekend and have half an hour free, the Red Queens (the band I play bass for) is playing a gig tomorrow night. We’re at the Water Rats on Greys Inn Road, will be on at 6.30pm and will play a half hour set of our own material, plus a few awesome covers.

More details and a bit of a profile of us here:

Hope to see some of you tomorrow!

Just taken the Guardian's "Too smart for your salary?" IQ test. If you haven't taken it and want to, follow the link NOW before reading on:

Still here? Cool. See, the thing is, I gave the answers below, for the reasons given below. And according to the test, I scored 22/25. This means three of the below answers are officially wrong. Can anyone explain which ones and why??

Page 1
Q1: 54 (odd-placed numbers rise in factors of three)
Q2: 3 (even-placed numbers halve)
Q3: 2 (numbers rise by successive even numbers)
Q4: 48 (bottom row = top row × successive even numbers from 4)
Q5: 63 (formula is previous number +1, ×2, -1)
Q6: 21 (formula is previous number /3)
Q7: 13 (primes)
Q8: 20 (top box is sum of previous top and bottom boxes)
Q9: 54 (sequence alternates between /2 and ×3)
Q10: 255 (formula is previous number +1, ×4, -1)

Page 2
Q1: No (top point skews away from the square in both views so B shows the “same” three faces, yet the circle isn’t there) ERROR SPOTTED The illustration is wrong: it is supposed to show equal angles on all sides of the top point, meaning that the "correct" answer is "Could be".
Q2: Could be (rotate A 90 degrees ACW and raise it up so we see the underside)
Q3: Could be (rotate A 90 degrees ACW, then rotate it 90 degrees around its long axis)
Q4: No (shapes are flagrantly different)
Q5: No (that face is plainly visible as white in A and black in B)
Q6: No (rotate A in any axis and you will not get the mirror image shown in B)
Q7: Could be (viewer could be standing at around 1pm position in view A, looking across the shape)
Q8: No (plainly the black face cannot magically become white)

Page 3
Q1: 2 (shapes rotate ACW in rows and black/white fills alternate)
Q2: 4 (top row is the union of rows 2 and 3)
Q3: 3 (shapes in row 1 change between columns as in row 2)
Q4: 5 (circle in column 1 bears same pattern as square in column 2)
Q5: 5 (simple repeating pattern, staggered but the same in all rows / columns)
Q6: 5 (row 2 is a mirror image of row 1 but with black dots switched to white)
Q7: 2 (arrows rotate 90 degrees as you move along the row; in first column both arrows are shaded on the same side) ERROR SPOTTED I saw that 2 fit the pattern as described and didn't bother looking any further. However, 3 fits a more subtle pattern where the arrows in column one are shaded specifically on the left side, relative to the direction they're pointing in.

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Stuff like this makes me angry.
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