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Jared is enjoying being back on the main island. He's doing great. The work is strong!
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look back on my past now and realize frankly how immature, human,
sinful, etc. I was haha. When are definitely nothing without Him, but
when can continue to grow and progress. It's been such a blessing that
even as imperfect as I was, am, and will be through out this life,
even though I continue to strive to improve, that the Lord still
blesses our efforts. Even just a desire to do good brings so many
blessings. It just makes me think how reliant we are on Him, and how
good and powerful He is. haha, pride is definitely a lie. I used to
think it might be hard to be humble, as if you had to continue to beat
yourself down and exagerate the good of other things and so forth. But
I realize now that humility is really just accepting the truth. It's
letting go of pride. Any way, I have a long way to go, but I guess we
just keep learning and growing. haha, I know that it's a great
blessing and grace that I was able to have any positive influence on
people back home, I know the spirit is the real teacher in any
situation. Any way, have a good week! Love you! - ELder SEffker

On 3/8/17, harry and Patti seffker <> wrote:
Hi Big Guy,

Sorry my email was so short, Mom and Addi and Jacob were going to the park
so I went with them, but forgot to continue your letter. so we went to the
park and mom brought walmart bags and ribbon. The kids used them as kites
in the wind - it was very windy. You say that you can't imagine feeling
cold outside, that is wild, I am getting kind of tired of it, but it's in
the 40's today so that isn't too bad. Do you have to sit cross-legged?
that is kind of crazy. It sounds like you have a great attitude, that seems
to be the most important thing sometimes. I can definitely see the Lord
blessing you on your mission. You have been out just over 5 months now -
isn't that crazy? We sure miss you, but know you are at the A's and H's.
he needs to do better - haha. Melissa is getting older, they did a yw
activity of ice skating, and the bishop said Melissa is a speed skater. I
think we need to get her a spandex outfit and pointed helmet. Emmi has been
kind of sick on and off, not real serious, but she has slept quite a bit
with a mild fever. Addi loves to do gymnastics and is a little clean freak
- she keeps things really clean - it is cool. Jack is talking more, he
stood on the little heater and kept repeating the word 'toot', he speaks so
clearly, he is funny. He says penguin as 'pink one', and he says it very
clearly. He is a little ham, but he's so cute, that it's hard to bet upset
with him. Scott is doing well, I can tell that you have really been an
influence on him, he talks about what you would do in certain situations.
Becca is so smart, and cracks me up with some of the things she says. Nate
is working hard. He got me a shirt with a picture of my face on it and he
calls me Dixie. He cracks me up.

Well I better go for now,

I sure love you,


From: Jared Scott Seffker <>
Sent: Sunday, March 5, 2017 6:15 PM
To: harry and Patti seffker
Subject: Re: Letter from mom

True, it's so individual! Sometimes we can feel that way amidst our
trials, and we can feel alone. But it's so nice to know that Heavenly
Father isn't going to let us slip through the cracks so to speak. He's
not going to forget us. No matter how alone we feel, no matter even if
we can't see the light at the end of the tunnel of our trials, He
understands us, He understands our trials perfectly, better than we
do, He knows how to help us through them, and He will lead us along if
we put our trust in Him. He knows where the light at the end of the
tunnel is. We just need to do our best, that's all that He asks.
President Larkin has said before something like 'our best on somedays
is better than other days', Heavenly Father knows our hearts and will
bless us so generously as we rely on Him in this life.
THanks for your testimony! It's good to hear your testimony. I've had
Jacob 4:6 on my mind at times during this mission, about how we search
the prophets words and how their witness builds our own, and
eventually, with so many witnesses, our faith progresses to the point
where we can move mountains in Christ's name and things like that. Any
way, it's good to hear others testimonies. When someone tells you
things they know are true, the spirit can whisper to your heart the
truthfulness of it. I suppose that's one reason scriptures are so
important. Apart from the fact that they explain important gospel
truths and principles and commandments. They contain writings of
prophets, and their witnesses. I'm grateful for your testimony. I know
also that the scriptures contain the testimonies of the prophets and
others, and I'm grateful for that! As far as actually things happening
this week. I've been really blessed with guidance and help. Thanks for
all of your fasts and prayers for me!!!!! My language has been
progressing well. In language you've got pronunciation, grammar, and
vocabulary it seemed. (and if all those things are in check, then you
must needs sound like a native ;) but I actually was missing one
thing, intonation (and maybe there's even more things) but any way,
I've learned a lot about intonation now, and know I feel like I'm
REALLY ready to attack vocabulary!! Any way, Toatarawa is still going
good. Her baptism is this Friday! Kimaere is still happy to lesson; he
keeps most of the commitments... but he still won't yet come to
church. We're working with him to develop his faith. He loves to pray,
he sees the blessings of it. He does pretty good with the reading....
A problem here I suppose is that many people aren't accustomed to
reading a lot. I honestly can't say I know anyone who's read the
entire Kiribati Book of Mormon through yet, let alone investigators.
THough I'm sure some members have. It's sad to say.... they certainly
have the time..... any way.... have a good week! I love you all!!!! -
ELder SEffker

On 3/5/17, harry and Patti seffker <> wrote:
Dear Jared
That is so exciting about Tatarawa. It sounds like her faith is strong
she is receiving promptings from the spirit. What a beautiful blessing
gospel is. It's amazing to me how its so individual in God's kingdom. One
one he reaches out to us. One by one we receive the ordinances and make
covenants with him. Even doing temple work we do one name at a time. I
really touched this morning by President Eyring's testimony
I leave you my sure witness that our Heavenly Father, the great Elohim,
loves and knows us, every one. Under His direction, His Son, Jehovah, was
the Creator. I testify that Jesus of Nazareth was born the Son of God. He
healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, and raised the dead. He paid
price of all the sins of each of Heavenly Father’s children born into
mortality. He broke the bands of death for all as He rose from the tomb
first Easter Sunday. He lives today, a God--resurrected and glorious.

This is the only true Church, and He is its chief cornerstone.
Thomas S.
Monson is His prophet to all the world. The prophets and apostles you
hear in this conference speak for the Lord. They are His servants,
authorized to act for Him. He goes before His servants in the world. This
know. And I so witness in His name, even the sacred name of Jesus Christ,

I also know that Heavenly Father is with us and holds us up in times of
difficulty. He can prompt us when we are not sure. Such a time has come
me recently. Saeful that we met in the Miami airport that I have
before really wants to come and live with us. He said he recognized
something different in me maybe God. I explained to him that was the
of Christ and that he could have it. I gave him the information on the
along card so he can find the missionaries in his area. Anyway dad and I
not feel good about him coming and living with us but we do want to help
him. I hope he can find the church and all the blessings can come into
life that we have.
Everyone here is doing fine. We got a lot of spring cleaning done
Me and Nate painted the molding with a fresh coat of white paint. Dad
the handle on the microwave and the broken drawer and the little girls
cradle. It feels good to get things cleaned up.
Scott melissa and Johnny went with us yesterday to the temple. Scott had
found some names that needed done. He also went on a date by inviting
Williams to go with us. After they came to the house and watched the
video face-to-face with President Holland.
I have been corresponding with Kristi Jackson. Her son Seth is in Tab
She wrote

We got INFO!! Our Elder Jackson (aka Seth) is still on the island of
Tabiteuea South. He got a new companion, Elder Lega. His previous
went to Mikaere island with internet and sent word and photos home to his
parents. Thanks to them we got some too :D His old companion said Tab
island is very poor, has no food, the drinking water is murkey and
due to a severe drought that has lasted years. They have to find, catch/
kill, and prepare their food over an outdoor fire, and fishing is at a
They have been eating dog and cat when they can, little fish and eels
catch, and maggots on rice!!! Even with the extreme conditions I was
they remain happy and progressing in the work. They have had a lot of
inactives return, and have baptized five new people :D Please continue to
have Elder Jackson in your prayers with us.
This morning dad and I prayed and our family has been praying extra for
your safety and well-being your health and all those who you are working
with. Jared we love you so much. I know our prayers ascend to heaven.
are on your right and on your left. Have a wonderful week son. Godspeed
Love Mom

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"sleep of hell"
"sleep of hell"
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First letter!
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