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Kristin Drysdale
Citizen. Writer. Former Choreographer. Dancer for life. Learning to Code.
Citizen. Writer. Former Choreographer. Dancer for life. Learning to Code.


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+SEMrush always lines up great guests with industry knowledge and insights relevant to our current times!

Hope to see you there!

#seo #ppc #contentmarketing

H/t: +Anton Shulke
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Happy Birthday, +Gina Fiedel!!!

The unique way in which you navigate our sometimes complicated waters with remarkable grace and beauty is inspirational.

I cannot help but think how wonderful it is that we celebrate the #QueenofSoul today on your birthday. You are a queen of soul in your own right.

Kisses and hugs! Xoxoxo
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Hero to One Individual at a Time

One of our beloved has fallen. I wish I could provide more details, and if anyone knows more about how +James Fierce passed, I'm certain they would be welcomed by those who need them for closure. Since I can't provide more than I know at this time, I just want to share a few of my special memories of his life.

Please feel free to share your own memories in comments or make your own post. Also, please tag others so they can do the same and we can heal together. I think Jim would have wanted that. <3

I'm sharing this particular video in remembrance of him because of the title, but really, every time we talked (in video or text) he was a hero to me.

As I've been pouring over our recorded times together I realized that I got my "I'm super excited" phrase from him. And I bet if you had any time with him, you picked up something special too.

About a year or so ago he started a Kickstarter campaign for someone in need of a bicycle and he wrote so persuasively and genuinely (as he was prone to do for others) that I couldn't not help. He was so grateful for what little I was able to give that he made me feel like I had provided the entire bike! That was Jim. <3

Last weekend I got my bike over to where I'm living and it's now my main mode of transportation. As I get used to riding in the hot Arizona sun, I've been reminded to be thankful as I think about Jim and his friend.

I'll be forever better for having been touched by our fallen hero. And in his honour, I want to remind us all to #GetBizy. <3

Tagging past #DreamTeam and #DreamAudience members that I can recall off the top of my head: +Krithika Rangarajan +Carolyn Capern +Greg Trujillo +Christine L Bowen +DENNIS N. DUCE +Dustin W. Stout +Wade Harman +Nicholas Cardot +Mark Ferrasci +Chris Lang +Carrie Roldan +Carmen Mandich +Phil Bowyer +Nora Whalen Wagner +John Jurkiewicz +Mani Saint-Victor +Luc Jallois +Daniel D. +Manolis Sfinarolakis +Jeb Blount +Angela DiLoreto
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If Being En Pointe Means You're Successful, Then Having Bad Toes Must Mean the Same

<internet citizen softly chuckles> - -
H/t: +frances gaffiero

#successtips #dancer4life #mitchhedberg
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Dipping my toes in the social waters

I really need to revamp all my social profiles to more accurately represent who I am today. I feel like a liar every time I log into practically anything online.

Forget what my bio says at the current moment because it's merely a glimpse of another me.

The more current and accurate picture is of a woman desperately trying to figure out how to be a mom. My situation with my kids is unique - but aren't all of our family situations unique!?? ;)

I believe that every individual has infinite value. Protection of all life is necessary to preserve humanity, and that knowledge is a gift to be shared.

There. I think this post should do the trick to serve as a bio while I'm in this current stage... B)

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Added photos to Bill and Ammon's Bogus Hangout #148.
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Timeline for #Progress as I see it:

2016 - We made a mistake.
2017 - We acknowledged our mistake.
2018 - We must eradicate our mistake.
2019 - We collect our efforts to avoid another mistake.
2020 - We elect a leader - make no mistake - who will lead us back to our path of being the most powerful country with the most desire to give our best everything to our global nation.

#HappyNewYear #2018ftw #takebackourcountry
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Holy heck! A day later, and I'm STILL coming back to this post!

+Peter Hatherley​ has been quiet for awhile. You might recall some of his work with #latentsemantics. Well, now he's back with #powerwords and it couldn't be named more appropriately! This tool is POWERFUL! One look at the sets Peter's tool made for +Zara Altair​ and +David Amerland​ and I was sold!

I'm awaiting my very own #personalpowerwords so I can learn and grow. Ready to get yours?

Normally $37, but only $10 right now! Offer won't last long:
Introducing Personal Powerwords
Watch the video and find out why personalised powerwords that synchronise with your name are far more effective than randomly selected ones.

Recent research indicates that the letter-name phenomenon ( triggers a powerful impact on our consciousness and behaviour.

See some prime examples here
• JFK |
• Winston Churchill |
• Usain Bolt |
+David Amerland |
+Zara Altair |

Get your own set for only $10 for a limited time. They're normally $37. Be quick because the offer won't last long
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