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OK techie type people, need a 2nd opinion. My system went dead now I have a theory of what it is but I am hoping I am wrong. It started to lock up today, reboot, lock up, reboot, asks a bios question, answer reboot, now dead. No call is sent to the monitors nor is there power going to the USB device. The power light is on but the processor busy light is flat. Thoughts?
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IMO your PSU is stuffed. Got somebody close by that you can swap parts with?

edit: do isolation tests. swap with spare RAM, video card / whatever you have on hand. Still calling PSU
Agreed re: PSU, but could also be in the mainboard power supply (all those lovely caps around the proc). Pull everything except processor and see if you get a post beep (assuming you have a motherboard speaker...)

edit - if you don't, swap the PSU and try the same test.
Parts diagnostic done. New power supply and system completely stripped down each piece put back individually and observed. Problem 1: PSU. The fan to the PSU did not start up on start. Problem 2: Bad memory. I put back in 1 pair with the new power supply and it booted. Put in the next set, and nothing again. Took first pair out, nothing. Took 2nd pair out, reinserted the first and presto. Thank you all for your help and now you know scenario and solution :)
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