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Awaken the Force within you. Choose a side and your Google apps will follow your path.

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commented on a video on YouTube.
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@ Teresa- RIGHT!!??? WHHHAAAAA!!! Stop turning off the mic!! Stop trying to make my jo harder! Stop doing your job as a defense attorney!!
His argument that if they were all in the same room he couldn't mute the defendant is ridiculous. IMHO, the mic amplifies the voices that if in the same room would not e easily overheard by opposing parties. So take that in your hat and smoke it mister whiney!!

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Can you say...Executive transvestite!!!! (For all the EDDY IZZARD fans out there,and you know who you are.) : ]
This is sheer AWESOMENESS at it's best!!! Definitive proof that God is a she!!! Dogma was right all along. I KNEW IT!! YUCK,YUCK......
Poor, poor Morgan Freeman!! At least we can take solace in knowing he has one heck of a sense of humor...or I hope he still does after he sees this mock-up of an innocent publicity shot turned hilariously, creepy; as a distant reminder of that god-awful show with the equally awful character on the old sit-com of the 80's, Martin, who had a "walk on roll" in drag as the annoying ill-be-it,remember-able neighbor, Shea-nay-nay!!! Quite frankly,Morgan does it better and is definitely a preferred option to the hideous tyranny least he is remotely do-able if you were 5,(3 isn't enough), sheets to the wind!! Wink-wink!! The alternative would allow death as a welcomed friend to the alternative. Wonder if he would be happy to now it too!!??!? Hey, publicity is publicity...right? : ]
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Holy cow!! Look out for that planet!!! Craziness!!!
The so-called 'hypervelocity planets' are flung out of their usual orbit when the enter the gravitational well of a black hole, according to researchers from Dartmouth and Harvard.

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Candice Johnn

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At my nieces graduation ceremony. CONGRATULATIONS BABY GIRL!! So proud of you!!

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My annual birthday wish!!! It's that time of year again!! Please help me raise volunteers or funding for this organization that is VERY near and dear to my heart, and help abused and neglected children.
To all of my friends and family out there, I chose Guardian Ad Litem because I am a volunteer for this organization and currently carry...

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This is special!!! It amazes me at the atrocities they get away with in the Middle East, let alone against women!!
So your wife dies, and, of course, you're all sad and stuff. But a dude has needs, amirite? Good news, Egyptian necromantics, your parliament is considering passage of a law that would allow men to ...

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BEWARE, ARTICLE IS A HARD READ!!! This mother needs to be subjected to the same treatment her 7 week old infant did!! She held him under a running faucet that was 142 degrees for 2-3 minutes! DEPLORABLE, DISGUSTING, HORRIFIC!!! Did I miss one??!!??!!
PORT RICHEY — Chekayla Ariel Dampier is a young, new mother and, on Monday afternoon, her 7-week-old son wouldn't stop crying. The 18-year-old was frustrated, a Pasco Sheriff's report states, so she p...

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Fantastic!!! My fav is the one with the mother and little ones wearing Easter sweat shirts with Christmas stockings hanging on the fire place in the back ground.....then the next one to take the cake is a man who is obviously cross dressed in see-through stripper heals and a sheer stocking-style bunny costume in a very embarrassing pose!! Classic site always good for a few laughs!! ENJOY!!! ...and HAPPY EASTER ALL!!
Always expect the worst....You'll never be disappointed!!
Bragging rights
Had the first adoption registry focused on Catholic related adoption searching, I have been with my hubby since I was 19 and now have two amazing children,a boy & girl. I volunteer as a Guardian Ad Litem helping abused,neglected children and would like to use my skills to become a professional Guardian ad Litem in divorce and paternity litigation, or a child protective investigator. I am also interested in the area of pediatric forensic psychology, or psychology over all. I feel a deep seeded need to help those who experience any form of injustice.
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Tampa FL
Baltimore MD - Miami FL - Ft. Myers FL - Jefferson City Mo - Cape Coral FL - Lake Worth FL - Brigantine NJ - Frederick MD - North Miami Beach FL
Currently I volunteer as a Guardian Ad Litem, with Voices of Hillsborough County. I am also, heavily involved in the online adoption, search & reunion community. I act as an unlicensed P.I., & help search for adoptees and birth families alike. I have also acted as an intermediary in the reunion process.
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Monica, my birth name pre-adoption in 1971, Camilleri
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