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Wes Wilson
Podcaster, Gamer, Random Entertainment Coordinator
Podcaster, Gamer, Random Entertainment Coordinator

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CE 74: Nina Freeman
This week, our experiment focuses on Nina Freeman, lead designer of Cibele. In addition to exploring the nature of intimacy in video games, we learn how to hate ourselves for playing MMOs, that we're too old for Undertale, and that if I ever want to make S...

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CE 73: Warren Spector
This week we return to the laboratory with Warren Spector, creator of some of the most iconic experiences in gaming history. In addition to discussing his illustrious career making games like Ultima Underworld, Wing Commander, Deus Ex, and Epic Mickey, we ...

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CE 72: Soren Johnson
This week we experiment on Soren Johnson, founder of Mohawk Games, makers of Offworld Trading Company. In addition to talking about his early access release, we discuss his history with Firaxis and EA, the eventual return of rhythm games, the frustration o...

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CE 71: Kristen Bornemann
From deep within the Maguma Jungle, we are joined by Kristen Bornemann of ArenaNet! Kristen talks to us about the upcoming expansion for Guild Wars 2, as well as her deep and confusing love for DOTA 2. We also discuss the release of the new 3DS, the slave...

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CE 70: Gabriel Mughelli
This week, Gabriel Mughelli, Promotions Mastermind at Hi-Rez Studios, joins us in the laboratory. In addition to discussing the upcoming Smite championships and Global Agenda 2, we discover why our brains like random lewtz, baffle Spencer with the populari...

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CE 69: John Comes
This week, John Comes of Uber Entertainment joins us in the Laboratory! In addition to discussing Planetary Annihilation and the Human Resources kickstarter, we discuss the nature of Wes's MMO addictions, ponder the space flight sim vacancy, and definitive...

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CE 68: Will Overgard
Will Overgard, of The Creative Assembly, joins us in the laboratory this week! In addition to discussing Total War and Alien: Isolation, we ponder the results of internet death threads, dissect the fall of the Human Resources kickstarter, and help Spencer ...

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CE 67: Consortium
This week we're joined by Gregory MacMartin of iDGi, makers of Consortium. In addition to discussing their futuristic murder mystery, we contemplate the value of cancelled Blizzard games, assess the standards for debate and discourse, evaluate the concept ...

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CE 66: Ryan S Dancey
Our guest scientist this week is Ryan S Dancey of Goblinworks, makers of Pathfinder Online. His illustrious gaming career includes product development on Legend of the Five Rings, brokering the sale of TSR to Wizards of the Coast, leading the development o...

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CE 65: @MikeRugnetta
After a long dormant period inside the volcano, Mike Rugnetta from PBS Idea Channel returns for a reasoned discussion about the nature of games and our media. In addition to talking about his work with PBS and podcasting, we look into the obtuse nature of ...
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