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vibhanshu biswas
even the professionals were noobs at some point in their life
even the professionals were noobs at some point in their life

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Sound track created by me on   #flstudio  , it is an intense melody, #EDM  lovers will surely like this track!!!! You can also download this track from the soudcloud account!!!


Happy listening

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Must have PC maintenance tools
Tired of formatting your desktop or laptop again and again? Virus is affecting your system? Corrupting your data? Lets start off without wasting any time. Antivirus   An antivirus is the most obvious and most under maintained thing in the system. Invest in ...

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I hope people like you will love and acknowledge this blog. happy to share with you guys! #then00bsguide +The n00bs guide 

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Android 5.0 lollipop update schedule Samsung HTC Sony Google LG Motorolla
Welcome back to the n00bs guide After the announcement from Google that soon it will rolling
out its lollipop update which is the 5 th installment of android
update, every person is concerned whether or not they will get the update or
not. But worry not the...

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Wearable tech - smartwatch, fitness bands and much more
Welcome back to the n00bs guide. Today we are looking at some of the smart wearable gadgets
which are available in the market ranging from fitness bands,   smartwatches,   smart eyewear and Mind control headsets So what is a smart Wearable gadget, well the ...

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Ditch that mouse with keyboard shortcuts
Ever thought of ditching that mouse and use only the keyboard, well using a keyboard can save you decent amount of time, I wont say it will get you an hour extra for your jog, but surely you can grab some donuts in that time. Today lets see some of the most...

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Microsoft launching wearable tech
we hear that Microsoft is soon going to launch a wearable smartwatch in the coming days, lets pray for the best.

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Nokia Lumia 730 Review
Hello and well come back on the noobs guide. Where you can
find some ultimate stuff and tips! Today we are reviewing the Nokia Lumia 730 dual sim phone. I’m able to do this review because of my dad as he recently
bought this device. He bought this on 12 Oct...

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