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Clara N
A 15 year old girl who likes to blog while listening to dubstep or post-hardcore...depends on the day.
A 15 year old girl who likes to blog while listening to dubstep or post-hardcore...depends on the day.

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Favorite Song of the Week: Natural Light By Porter Robinson
Porter Robinson has recently been one of my favorite edm djs, and this song from his latest album is definitely one of my favorites, even though I love all of them. His album consists of a diverse adventure through a fantasy world and I really appreciate th...

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Don't Quote Me (#34)
I saw this image recently and felt the need to share it with you guys because I know many people in real life that are stuck in the same place in life, and don't do anything to change it-especially when it comes to the people they surround themselves with. ...

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Favorite Song of the Week: Can't Feel My Face by The Weeknd
A lot of people have start calling the singer of The Weeknd, Michael Jackson reincarnated-though the age difference might calculate something else. I've fallen head over heals with this singer, and his soul voice is literally to die for. His newest song Can...

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Oh my do I have a lot of respect for teachers. This summer I took up a task to teach a friend of mine French 1. I love French and recently went there during the spring a loved it. I also love teaching others, but I've never had a chance this big and continu...

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Don't Quote Me (#33)
I really like the meaning behind this quote, because I personally have been the victim of not waning to change, but at the same time wanting my laugh to change. Really ironic I know. It's all because of this idea that I feel like I get stuck into a lot, tha...

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Cloud Atlas
The other week I was sitting around bored, and really wanted to watch a cutesy romantic movie, and I stumbled upon Cloud Atlas. It is a movie from 2012, about the idea how soul mates will always find each other through out the multiply lives we have. It's a...

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Challenging to Read?
This summer I have summer homework in which I have to read Moby Dick. Of course you've already heard about this book and you know that it's probably the longest and dullest book you can sit down and read. I know all of my friends, including myself, can't si...

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Don't Quote Me (#32)
This week I chose: It's a really comedic way to look at laugh, and it's hard sometime, but you always have to keep this in mind when it gets tough. It's a nice reminder that things won't always go your way, but you keep calm and move on through. 

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Years and Years:Communion
Hi guys! I wanted to share with you a new album I've been listening to. You might have heard this band from the radio single King before. I love their soothing synths and the vocalist is head over heals amazing. Around half of this album has appeared on the...

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Don't Quote Me (#31)
My new Don't Quote Me series is going to be one main one, and I'm going to add a story or more information why I add the quotes I choose to share with you guys. This week I chose: I've heard this quote a few years ago from someone else I can't remember. It ...
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