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UPSC AFSC Answer Key 2016 for UPSC EPFO AFSC Exam conducted on 10-01-2016
APFC Answer keys for UPSC APFC (EFPO) 2016 exam which was conducted on January 2016 are posted here.. The following is the UPSC APFC answer keys / paper solution UPSC EFPO 2016 examination. Best efforts have been put to ensure correct answers are marked as ...

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I see no holes in this logic.

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Patson Enterprise presents PATCOL range of adhesives

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A friend's blog on everything, specifically in the field of education and teachers' exams

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According to Amit Patel: વિશેષણ નો પ્રકાર નથી. (૧) સ્વવાચક (૨) ગુણવાચક (૩) સંખ્યાવાચક (૪) માપવાચક. મારી દ્રષ્ટીએ સાચો જવાબ (૧) સ્વવાચક છે...... (૨) ગુણવાચક (૩) સંખ્યાવાચક તો વિશેષણના પ્રકાર છેજ....માત્રસૂચક ને સંખ્યાવાચક પ્રકાર તરીકે લઈ શકાય....માટે સાચો જવાબ સ્વવાચક જ હોવો જોઈએ.

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