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Andrea “Eraclitux” Masi
Don't Panic!
Don't Panic!


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Command line tool to get status of remote network interfaces on linux servers. It's like a vmstat for remote NICs.
Find incoming and outgoing DDoS in your network in a snap, even before NetFlow probes

Binaries for mac and Linux added in latest release. Feedbacks are welcome.

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This is the year that many people worldwide began questioning why closed is the default in academic publishing.

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Shaping new laser cutter control system based on Arduino with the amazing grbl.

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"Electronic box" is finally finished.
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Always follow your dreams!
Much potential here for the Maker movement.

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Mh, I have a bad feeling about this.
The European Parliament is considering a range of awful proposals that would limit or impose costs on our freedom to link—a fundamental element of the open Web. Digital rights groups launch the Save the Link network today to speak out against such proposals.

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Thats a really clever and well made tool.
After [Brian] starting selling his own Raspberry Pi expansion boards, he found himself with a need for a robot that could solder 40-pin headers for him. He first did what most people might do by looking up pre-built solutions. Unfortunately everything he…

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So proud of myself.

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Really interesting.
To one day get network hardware that has low latency and good queue management at gigE speeds or higher requires better hardware offloading techniques than the bulk notions like GRO and TSO that exist today. And it has long been obvious that the rate limiting + fq_codel techniques we now use successfully at sub 200mbit speeds do not scale higher well on cheap chips to handle #bufferbloat  . So the algorithms need to move into the chips, also.

******so... a brief commercial interruption****

I think the open source design method has worked spectacularly for software, and I think the same methods can work for hardware if only we can pull together larger communities to do the work, worldwide.

There are only 24 hours left on this kickstarter - we CAN start to take back the edge of the internet - if we can only find another 5k of funding. (obviously, more would be nice)

This FPGA board´s pcie interface and switch design - and the split memory interfaces between the programmable logic and the onboard dual A9 core - and reducing the cost from 7000 to 700 bucks - are the important parts to why the open source community needs this board - in my case - so that more of htb + fq_codel can move into hardware that anyone can build and use - in other cases? who knows what could be done with it!?

One day, we could move the logic into asics, and finally have proven, fast, reliable, open source, binary blob-free hardware to work with for any network purpose.

There are people on these lists with money, and there are those with talent and time, and it would be great if more of those people could
line up with each other. I put in all I could spare (8500 dollars) into this kickstarter.  I have one of their high end boards, already.

It´s great.

There is a "get one give one" program that I asked meshsr (the company making the board) to put in to try and enable connecting more developers up with this board. If there is anyone here that would like to help hack together the next generation of edge network hardware, after this kickstarter completes, let me know.

I return you now to your normal despair about vendors not listening,
and crappy OSes you can´t otherwise fix. Here, have a song:
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