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Monday night prayers 15 May 2017
Went with Samai on an excellent outreach to the
border of Vietnam. We visited some small tribal churches. Our first village has
50 families where 48 families are Christian. It is the first village I visited
where the houses all have crosses on the roof. It ...

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Monday night prayers 08 May 2017
Bought some really damaged pieces of hard wood on the road. A house burned down and these lovely wood was in it. I know, with a bit of hard work we can get this in beautiful splendor again. Especially with the prizes of wood and the availability of these ha...

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Monday night prayers 01 May 2017
I joined 2 of my friends on a trip into the jungle
on the bikes. We had great fun and ended up in a village, deep into the jungle
on roads that only local guys ride with their tractors and small bikes. We slept
in a small restaurant, hanging our hammocks un...

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Monday night prayers 24 April 2017
River of Life Fellowship had their Khmer New Year party yesterday. It was a very special morning and we would like to share a bit about it. Members had to bring food and Mordegai was asked to BBQ 20kg of pork belly. We started the fire at 7am and were finis...

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Monday night prayers 17 April 2017
For this Easter we went to visit Stung Treng and
Ratanakiri with some of our Pinoy friends. Thanks to Jared and Emily, we could
stay in their house for 2 days and we had great time for fellowship. We went to
the Sopheakmit waterfalls on the Lao border. It r...

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Monday night prayers 10 April 2017
It is the 3 rd Official New year we have right
now. It is the Khmer New Year and it is big holiday here. It is not everyone
that is so privilege to live in a country where they celebrate 3 new year’s??
For those who do not know, we have normal New Year on 3...

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Monday night prayers 3 April 2017
   It’s Khmer New Year next week and we are
thankful to say we’ve been having a bit of rain, which is unexpected this time
of year. April (the hottest month of the year) is the month we all fear and in
almost every conversation this year’s April is compared...

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Monday night prayers 20 March 2017
Not so sure what to write today as we are confronted
again with someone that is dying. Once again you think back at all the times
you had to stand by someone’s bed and see that it’s the end!! I asked prayer
for Sothrey, the girl with necrosis on her face. J...

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Monday night prayers 13 March 2017
Sitting with an anti with Leprosy, most properly in
the most idyllic place ever, under a forest of Cashew nut trees, I could just imagine
what hell this anti have to go through. She is pushed out of her home and lives
on her own in her small little shack, h...

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Monday night prayers 6 March 2017
The boys want Toinette to sing to them every night
before bedtime. She used to sing “Hush little baby don’t you cry “ but now she
is singing “Hide me now, under your wings, Cover me within your mighty hand.
When the oceans rise and thunders roar, I will soa...
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