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Frightfest London 2015: Awaiting Review
Dir: Mark Murphy For some time now, horror fans have been awaiting that serial killer film that will take the genre somewhere new, somewhere beyond the era of torture porn. The punchline to this setup is, sadly, not “and here it is”. Awaiting would like to ...

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Frightfest London 2015: Levan Bakhia Interview
Landmine Goes Click pretty much sums up why festivals are important.  It's the discovery of movies like this that makes sitting through the occasional dreary, unoriginal snorefest worth it.  I'm going to say very little about this movie except that if you s...

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List of Shame: A Project
The List of Shame project serves two purposes.  1. It forces me to make an effort to see a selection of horror movies that I have thus far, somehow, avoided.  2. It hopefully ensures that I get at least a couple of new reviews up on this blog a month becaus...

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Frightfest London 2013: Pavel Khvaleev Interview
Imagine if Andrei Tartovsky had invented a time machine, travelled from the 1970's to the mid-Noughties and directed Silent Hill. That accurately sums up the thoughts that were going through my head as I settled into Russian director Pavel Khvaleev's visual...

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Horror Movie Poster of the Month - July: Evil Dead (1981)
This poster used to adorn my bedroom wall when I was about 13 (yeah, I was a weird kid) and remains to this day my favourite 'Evil Dead' poster. There's a similar poster for 'Evil Dead II' which will likely be honoured as a future Horror Poster of the Month...

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Frightfest London 2015: John Fallon Interview
John Fallon is better known as the dude responsible for the Arrow in the Head website which, with its focus on horror movies including daily news updates, reviews, and commentary, was a direct and significant inspiration in my decision to write about genre ...

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Bad Moon - Review
Bad Moon kicks off in Nepal where photo-journalist Ted (Michael Pare) and his girlfriend Marjorie (Johanna Marlowe) are attacked by a werewolf. Although he is injured during the assault Ted manages to get his hands on a shotgun which he uses to blow he beas...

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Here we go with the start of our Frightfest 2015 coverage. We're kicking off in fine style with an interview with Mark Murphy, director of Awaiting, a claustrophobic tale of terror set in the remote English countryside. The movie stars mega-talented Scottis...

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The House at the End of Time - Review
The House at the End of Time (aka La casa La casa del fin de los tiemposis)  is the
type of movie that is infuriatingly difficult to review. It’s impossible to explore without spoilers so be warned that this review will touch on certain
areas that will shin...

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Frightfest London 2014 - Housebound
I feel an explanation is due. We recently published a review of Housebound which was written by Sam Inglis who is responsible for the brilliant 24 Frames Per Second   movie blog (seriously...check it out it's fantastic). Here he occupies the role of my wing...
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