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Hey #BigWig s ! I am finally finished the hat and fingerless gloves! Here are some pictures and let's start the bidding at $25. If you are interested just PM me.

The auction ends on May 28 at 11:59 pm EST.

Remember the proceeds of this silent auction go to St. Baldricks, to help the lovely +Catherine Morgan reach her $5000 fundraising goal.

Share the post and get people interested!

+Catherine Maguire

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Hi! Did someone say auction for a good cause? And it's something I actually want and need?

$40 is around what I'd pay for a deeply discounted price on a similar set. So let's start

Plussing the +Bliss Morgan in to show her the pretty.
grin Thank you sweetie. I totally shared this post last night. XD
Yes, indeed. $40. Remember folks, it's for a good cause. Steal it from me, I dare ya.
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