Sacrarium dead letters

This text was to be my official response to the post of Lena Vanilla, who openly accused me of distributing the copybot under article “Sacrarium grid removes illegal content, misbehaving users”.
“Lena Vanilli 13 hours ago
Sacrarium deleted violators? How nice! What's about the grid-owner? This person himself placed the region "Afes" with illegal content at METROPOLIS.”

But when I try sending my answer to Lena (and not only her) I get this:
“Hello Whiteangel,
David forwarded your question about moderation. […]
Your comment was withheld automatically for review for the word, "pedophile". We have a list of words that cause comments with any of those words to be automatically withheld for moderation.
After review, I was able to determine that your use of the word "pedophile" was appropriate in the context of your comment. However, your comment was not approved for the following statement: [here was subjective phrase about Metropolis grid policy and I remove it]. Malicious derision of a person or a specific business is a violation of the Discussion Guidelines and is not permitted. Furthermore, attacking Metropolis is off topic to the article, which was about Sacrarium and illegal content, and only made mention of Metropolis in a passing reference to their action in banning Adachi region. Since we do not edit comments, if a comment would otherwise be acceptable except for a small detail, we nonetheless remove the entire comment. Also please keep in mind that if a comment leads to a flame-war or receives legitimate complaints, further review can result in removal again at a later time. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me.
Regards, Lawrence Pierce Moderator”
Ok. I see. Attacking Metropolis is off topic and attacking me is ok. But then Lena’s comment was deleted too and justice triumphed. Before this Lena’s comment was published for a day or two. HGB moderator is human too he can change his mind and correct mistakes. What about words “pedophile”, this word consist in the article too and nobody cares. Ok, ok, I change it on “pedo”. I hope it will sound better.
But anyway I need satisfaction and this answer must be published.
For Lena Vanilli
. Afes and Adachi were born on the Metropolis. I left Metropolis six months ago, before all this copybot witch hunt. I'm not angry with you, Lena, and I understand perfectly well that Afes was giving you problems. Metro made everything possible for Afes and Adachi. Thank you. And I did not arrange drama, I just went and created my own grid. Sacrarium have own rules. Whether you like it or not, it does not matter. Most of the Metro consists of a copybot content from SL. And you know it well. And what? The same can be said for any grid. To fix it need destroy all data bases and start from absolute basic. It is only way to destroy copybot here.

For everyone:
Sacrarium deleted several users and their inventories, as well as all the content that we regarded as a "pedo". Now we see that this was a serious blow to the pedophiles lobby who decided to turn the Sacrarium into their offshore. They are lost everything what they have on Sacrarium. Their screams you can see in anonymous comments on But this does not help them to return their disgusting content. Their anonymous screams also cant stop our further struggle with this content. We will continue to look for the pedo content, find and destroy all the content and users how violates grid rules. If we need a preliminary procedure, evidence and investigation to destroy the copybot, then this is not required in relation to the pedo content.
My message for anonymous pedophiles: Scream louder, I like your reaction. Now the Sacrarium is lost to you forever. Oh, did your favorite toys are lost? Lol. It is only beginning. Your reaction to our actions proves their effectiveness. Your dirty anonymous lie does not mean anything. You can nothing change.
My message for all the anonymous people who pretend that they are struggling with a copybot:
Your anonymous tantrums do not impress me too and I will not delete anything. Sacrarium is not the Wild West, where justice is accomplished with brute force. If you want to play fair, then open your face and formalize your complaint, prove your copyright and be sure that all objects of your copyright will be removed from the Sacrarium databases. Don’t worry all personal data received during the processing of the complaint will be retained and will not be transferred to third parties. You just have no other way. Anonymous screams and complains without evidence means nothing and will ignore.
My message for all grid owners how don’t like Sacrarium and talks so many about “copybot issues in Sacrarium”.
I said it before and say it again: “Ban Sacrarium for your users”. Just do it. Why didnt you made it? You don’t like Sacrarium – just ban it. Or you can write to me from your official grid email and I ban your grid immediately. If you don’t know how to ban other grid, I can help you.
I want to prove to you all that the time of the Wild West has passed. You are not children, you have to understand that the cry of the crowd of anonymous people does not solve anything. ONLY official requests, sufficient evidence and only then we remove content. This is called a civilized approach. If you fight for truth, if the truth is on your side, then you have nothing to fear. Just write me your complaint and all illegal content will be deleted. Your dirty, anonymous insults on the national and racial grounds do nothing in the way of fight against copybot. This only discredits the fight for legal content.
What about last incident it can happen on any grid, not just Sacrarium. And Sacrarium cant be responsible for every users activities. Some of users can violate our rules and we react when this violations becomes detected or with other user’s claims.
Thank you for attention and have a nice day.
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