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I'm feeling much better about the technical issues I've run into with the 2 Google Hangouts Live I've produced.

I'm watching three "Internet Gurus" - 2 of which are selling a Google+ Hangout Live webinar add-on - doing a live hangout right now that is having TONS of technical glitches including the poor video resolution I ran into.

I'm surprised that Google is offering a service that has this low level of quality. It's like bad static when listening to an old AM radio. I'm sure the quality will improve over time but, right now, this channel is definitely NOT delivering as advertised.

I wonder if Obama had this problem when he did a hangout?

No Google Hangout Live tonight kids. It appears I need to upgrade the graphics processor on my PC. Should be back "on air" shortly. Stay tuned!

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In my next Google Hangout I’ll be continuing to overview my eLearning course, How To Build A Customer Factory For Your Small Business.

This week we’re going to look at the introductory section

How Successful Small Business Marketing Works

I’m going to talk about what the rise and fall of Groupon tells us about most business owner’s approach to marketing.

Next I’ll try to get your head straight by talking about The Marketing Mindset that successful business owners maintain.

After that I’ll explain why most business owners find marketing so difficult, what keeps them from creating a marketing mindset of their own. 

Then I’ll explain what the Customer Life Cycle is and talk about why you should never kiss your customer on the first date.

So we have a lot to cover this week kids.

I hope you’ll join me Tuesday March 11, 2014 at 7:00 pm Eastern, 4:00 pm Pacific, midnight GMT and two o’clock in the afternoon for my Honolulu Lulu.

See you there.

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This will be the first live Google+ Hangout for students of How To Build A Customer Factory For Your Small Business on

You can just sit back and watch if you'd like but I would much prefer an interactive session so, if you have a webcam or at least a microphone, please join in.

Please email me in advance with any questions you'd like me to cover during this session.

I am just learning how to use Google+ Hangouts so bear with me through the first couple of events as I figure out all the ropes!

In fact, I already messed up by not creating this event correctly last week. If you are seeing this twice, please accept my apologies.

Anyone may attend the live event but only registered members of The Customer Factory membership site will have access to the recorded Hangout.

Free registration is available at

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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Congratulations to @JeffPayne for his fantastic #networking even last night. Over 30 people attended. #smallbusiness

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Wondering why your #smallbusiness is struggling? Maybe you need to change your mind about #Marketing.

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From #videogames to #headstones, here are #2012 's Top 30 #QRCode applications:
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