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Major Mouse Testing Program
The search for extended longevity is thriving in the world!
The search for extended longevity is thriving in the world!


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Not strictly aging research, but a neat research project "The space Ranch" is going on right now! They are researching techniques that could be used to help us pioneer space and these are some of things they are working on:

A Full Floating Green House
Mag System
Crawfish Bioregenerative Aquaponics Unit
A Deep Water Aquaponics Prototype
A Mountainside Permaculture System
A Permaculture Garden with Electric Fencing

Longevity is key to us exploring space so the technologies both our groups are researching have great synergy in the race for space!

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Read this article in TheScientist to learn about the novel way SENS is addressing ALT-based cancers, those using Alterative Lengethening of Telomeres, and why this is important for a comprehensive anti-aging strategy. You can help the OncoSENS team fight these cancers by sharing and supporting their current campaign on

The more critical projects we fund together the more businesses and governments will see the public is serious about healthy life extension. Every action matters in this great work; you can make a difference.

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Great effort from the community we raised $52,025! Thankyou to everyone who donated on behalf of the MMTP team!

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Hello dear friends! Our campaign to support the investigation of Senolytics and its potential to promote health and extend life in mice has gathered $51,300 and it is the last day when you can get on board! If you like our project and were considering to make a contribution, it is time!

During our campaign we have talked to you about the aging processes, the threat of senescent cells, the promise of Senolytics that clear the body of these toxic cells. We have tried to help you become more familiar with animal study, it’s place in the process of drug development, and the bottlenecks slowing the progress of fundamental gerontology. We have also provided you with additional information, must-read articles, books and sites, and of course we shared our podcasts - all to help you learn more about aging and longevity and to take informed decisions.

And today take a look at our new video that shows some compelling reasons why supporting our research is a great idea!

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Yesterday there was a conference at the Russian Agency of Strategic Initiatives, dedicated to innovative technologies to extend healthy lifespan. There the MMTP team (represented by Elena Milova) was awarded with a certificate of honor, to celebrate the achievement of the initial goal in our crowdfunding campaign, allowing us to start the experiment!

Daria Khaltourina, an ILA founding member, in the presence of two other board members has handed Elena the certificate and gave her the floor to tell the audience a little bit about our project.
Elena felt as if she had been awarded with an Oscar! :) But honestly, the glory is completely yours, dear donors! Crowdfunding is something that is not possible without great support from the pro-longevity community. This experiment will be the result of a common effort of about 500 people, who decided that they want Senolytic therapies to be developed to help them stay young and strong in the future.

The certificate says: "Given to the team of Major Mouse Testing Program for a brilliant organization of a crowdfunding campaign to support the investigation of Senolytics effect on health and lifespan in mice".

‪#‎MMTP‬ ‪#‎LifespanIO‬ ‪#‎senolytics‬ ‪#‎longevity‬ ‪#‎aging‬
PS We asked Daria to make another copy of the certificate, in English :)
PPS 3 more days to support our campaign with a small donation:…/the-major-mouse-testing-program/

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Hello Dear friends! This is an historic moment! Crowd-funding for the ILA’s Major Mouse Testing Program has reached its initial goal of $45,000 and is climbing toward our stretch goal of $60,000, and perhaps even more!

With a generous $5k contribution of Jeremy Wertheimer, a new Gold Sponsor, we have achieved our initial goal, allowing MMTP’s researcher Dr. Alexandra Stolzing to begin our senolytic lifespan experiment. And that’s not all! Our campaign has already surpassed the amount raised and backer numbers of earlier campaigns, and we still have five days to go before it ends on June 25, 2016!

This clearly shows that support and interest in longevity is rising as science increasingly demonstrates that aging is not the one way process people assumed it was. Our success in this campaign shows that the community is becoming more skilled in coordinating research into gerontology. More and more, people are feeling responsible for their future, and the possibility of a solution for aging becomes more and more real.

We still need your support to reach or surpass our stretch goal. Particularly, greater support will allow us to add a third group of mice to the experiment, a positive control which will increase the accuracy of our data. Will you help us by making an affordable contribution? Or, if you have already donated, can you add to your support by making another donation in the final days of our campaign? The fight against aging depends on YOU!

Thank you for your support of the ILA and the Major Mouse Testing Program!…/the-major-mouse-testing-program/

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$43,600 over 450 backers and almost at our 45k goal! We are testing senescent cell therapy to remove aged dysfunctional cells from the body. This has been shown to dramatically improve health but can it increase healthy lifespan too?

Please help us with this final push to get this science started!

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The Major Mouse Testing Program is soaring towards our first goal with the support of over 400 backers and over $40,000 raised; big thanks to all who have donated! Today we have posted our 10th update, featuring an interview with Professor David Gems of the Institute of Healthy Aging, and we are now looking forward to beginning the climb towards the stretch goal of $60,000. Help us get there!
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