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Zone 3 Scrubs crowding the gate and they haven't even let the preboarders on. SMDH.

Dear Credit Card Companies:

It's 2015.  I want some sort of detailed receipt information transmitted by merchants and linked in with my online statement.



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Ordered a Tom Collins. Got a Beefeater and Sour with a splash of soda. No garnish.


JB: "Why are you packing shorts?"
Me: "Well, I'll need a few casual outfits next week."
JB: "You should check the forecast for Atlanta."
Me: checks forecast, puts shorts away, starts trying on jeans

EDIT: Which is to say, I've now thrown out all but one pair of jeans and will probably need to go shopping next month.  ;_;

Eat your heart out Atlanta. Buy one get one well drinks at Rumors. Lololololol.

Shit I have to be in that "we hate alcohol hell hole all next week."

Seriously though, Atlanta needs to get with the times.

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So weird being here during "not DragonCon".

Wow.  Comcast DNS is the worst.  Holy fucking shit that's bad.  Gimmie dat and plz.

Well, we are in the final phases of moving.  The bedroom, living room, and kitchen are in the "mostly unpacked" state.  The offices will have to wait, as they're pretty low priority.  

Next weekend, YARD SALE at the old house, then a U-Haul pickup truck to Out of the Closet to foist whatever is left on them.  Then to Goodwill with anything left to basically say, "You fucking throw it away."  Then clean up and schedule the magic happy fun time walkthrough with the area manager.

Someday, I'm going to walk down to Hunter's on Sunday night to the t-dance, get drunk, and then wake up with a mild hangover and fall down the stairs to my morning standup at work.

While I realize it's not as secure as using an authentication token, at least for two-step authentication over SMS, I don't have to individually unlink 10 accounts from the authenticator apps when I need to do a factory restore on my phone.

Seriously.  We need some sort of solid way to transfer the token secrets from one device to another.
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