Feature Update:

A feature that has been long overdue for an implementation is specifying fossils above species-group taxa. Prior to this update, only species-group taxa were shown as being described from a fossil, but now all taxa in which the membership is exclusively of fossil species will also be considered fossils. Behind the scenes, nothing has really changed: fossil species-group taxa are still the only taxonomic unit that is explicitly marked as being a fossil. However similar to biological associations, habitats, etc., higher level taxa will be evaluated on a regular basis to ascertain whether they are represented solely by fossils and the results aggregated for quick access.

If you notice any taxa within HOL that you recognize as being a fossil but is not marked as such, send us a message. Below is an example of a new feature in action. The screenshot is of a list of genera within the subfamily Scelioninae splashed with a few fossil groups [http://hol.osu.edu/index.html?id=434].

+Joe Cora
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