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Hey +Rafael Chandler! What do you think of the idea of using STARSHIP FROM HELL to generate custom VIEWSCREAM 2.0 scenarios?

Hey, +Rafael Chandler ! What's the quick rundown on the differences between Viewscream 1st and 2nd edition? :D

So, my search-fu is weak today - are there any systems/rules floating around in the AGE community that deal with social combat beyond the Roleplaying Stunts?

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Eh, I'm not a fan of Melissa McCarthy, and I'm not happy that the black woman is a stereotypical sassy/streetwise caricature (judging by the trailer), but anyone that a) says it's going to be bad because 'women,' or that b) it's 'ruined their childhood' needs a serious dose of Grow the Hell Up.

Hey, +Rafael Chandler ! Are you sure you're not John Skipp in disguise?

Hey, +Ben Dutter ! First sesh of STAR WARS: RECKONING went off swimmingly, but I have a rules question - in VoH/WoC/HtW, are all combats resolved as a basic difficulty, or do you have to acquire multiple successes against non-mook opponents?

Hey, +Jürgen Hubert , I have a question for you! How would the German police react to a gun battle in:

1. A major metropolitan area like Berlin or Munich?
2. A rural locality or non-major city?

Yes, this is RPG-related. Many thanks beforehand. :)

blows off the dust
Hoo, it's been a while, hasn't it?

Hey, +Ben Dutter , do you have any cool-looking form-fillable character sheets for Will of the Cosmos? Not that the game needs 'em, but it's some of those things that helps reinforce the setting, eh? :)

Hey, +Ben Dutter ! How would you stat up a lightsaber in Vow of Honor/Will of the Cosmos? :D

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It's childish, and racist dogwhistling to boot.
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