For those interested in the STALKER RPG:

Yesterday, your home town of Fort Bidwell, Alabama wasn't special. This morning, that changed. The city is shrouded in mist and choking chemical fog. Sirens wail from somewhere outside of the city. 

You were evacuated in the middle of the night, relocated to a 'secured location'; an old Civil Defense shelter. You were told that more information would come; it hasn't. 

The electricity has been flickering on and off, threatening to go dark for the past 3 hours. Your cell phone doesn't work. Landlines give an oscillating signal.

Help isn't coming. 

Staying where you are isn't going to be an option. The only things you can rely on are your fellow evacuees, and what you managed to stuff into a go bag or scavenge from the Civil Defense shelter you're in.

・ Whistle, Crank Flashlight/radio, & Light sticks
・ First aid kit, First aid guide, with latex gloves
・ MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) & Water (1 liter)
・ Change of clothes (sweat suit & T-shirt) & Walking Shoes
・ Emergency blanket, Rain poncho, Dust mask & thick Gloves
・ Contact list w/phone numbers w/ out of town contact, medication & copy of prescriptions
・ Flash drive with important documents, - Same documents on a CD sent to a relative
・ Copy of photo ID, Family photos, A Bill, having your name & address (proof of residency)
・ 1 roll of quarters, & $100 in small denominations
・ Extra set of keys
・ sunglasses
・ Duct tape

You need to get out of the city. Soon. Whatever happened is still going on, and you don't want to be caught here after dark. Your only clue about the situation is a faint radio signal carrying a single word:



STALKER: IEC Incident 6447 
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